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WSOE 3 Fortnite Tournament – Winner, Prize Money, Top 10 Teams


The World Showdown of Esports (WSOE) organized their first ever Fortnite duo tournament with a prize money of $100,000 and various known faces were invited for the showdown.

Tickets for the event were sold at Manhattan Beach, California. Those who were lucky enough to get tickets were able to witness a showdown of some great names from Fortnite Esports scene live.

In order to choose which teams are best one’s to qualify for the tournament, a qualifier was organized on December 27. And thus 25 open qualifier duos were selected and were placed in the same lobby as 25 invited teams for the tournament.

Some big teams like TSM, NRG Esports, Ghost Gaming, OpTic Gaming, and Gankstars were invited for the tournament. Here is a full list of teams and players that were invite for WSOE 3 Fortnite Tournament :

  • TSM Myth
  • TSM Hamlinz
  • TSM Kaysid
  • TSM Cowboy
  • Ghost Bizzle
  • Ghost Saf
  • Ghost Aydan
  • Ghost Ghoul
  • Ghost Sean
  • Ghost Kayuun
  • OpTic Gunfly
  • OpTic Baldy
  • NRG zayt
  • Gank Ceice
  • Gank Logan
  • Gank Brandon
  • FaZe Jaomock
  • FaZe Replays
  • FaZe SpaceLyon
  • CompLexity Hogman

Participants were allowed to use their own peripherals in the upcoming duos WSOE 3 Fortnite tournament. They were also given freedom to choose whichever resolution they want to play the game in. It was a huge step as tournament matches run by Epic Games require competitors to play in default resolution and specific peripherals.

Casters for WSOE3 Fortnite Tournament

  • Javier ‘MonsterDFace’ Collazo
  • Alex ‘Goldenboy’ Mendez
  • Dexerto’s Troy ‘2LoudTX’ Tuttle

Tournament event hosts were also some of the great names from the scene including Richard Lewis, Chris Puckett, Lucy Mae, Lauren Jbara, and Jon ‘Fallouttt’ Kefaloukos.


Gankstars Ceice and RBK Elevate

Six rounds were played to choose the winner of WSOE 3 tournament and Gankstars Ceice and RBK Elevate were victorious in the end with 610 points points winning $100,000 as prize money.

The games were pretty unfair as Epic added Boombox another OP item in the game which players had to learn how to use in between tournament matches. Myth who is cursed in all tournament matches, for him this tournament was no exception and died twice to fall damage because of some quadcrasher bug.

Psalm who played exceptionally good in the previous tournament when infinity blade was introduced before a tournament proved his worth in this tournament too. He and his duo mate Rhux waited for 6th or 7th circle to use Boom Box to use it effectively and it worked like a charm.

Congrats to Ceice and Elevate, Here is a full list of top ten placings in tournament:

  1. Ceice & Elevate: 610 points
  2. Saf & Zayt: 590 points
  3. Lamar & Morgausse: 540 points
  4. Psalm & Rhux: 520 points
  5. Animal & Rieo: 510 points
  6. Bizzle & Dmo: 480 points
  7. JDW & Ronin: 470 points
  8. ADZ & Robi: 460 points
  9. Jaomock & Tennpo: 440 points
  10. Snood & Thwifo: 430 points

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