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Why Caps is a God in League of Legends



Rasmus Winther

Rasmus ‘Caps’ Winther is an 18-year-old athlete from Denmark. Caps made a name for himself in the LCS community with many people calling him ‘Baby Faker’. The mid laner for Fnatic has shown time and again, his uncanny resemblance to Faker’s play-style in game.

Caps started playing league of legends sometime around season 1 when he was only eleven years old. When he was fourteen, Caps hit challenger in season 4 and from then on decided to become a professional.  As with all other e-sports athletes, the decision wasn’t an easy one to make. However, this fourteen-year-old stood to his decision and joined Fnatic as their mid lane carry.

Why is Caps different?

While caps may be the mechanically clean player in the laning phase, what sets him apart is that he isn’t hesitant to sacrifice his lane to get his team ahead. In matches against RNG and Flashwolves where they realized their normal play-style couldn’t clinch the game, Caps gave up his lane. He played champs like Taliyah and Aurelion Sol to get the top lane ahead.


Another aspect that Caps is known for is his trash talking. In the recent bout against Schalke as well, Caps walks on stage and picking up his MVP trophy asks the audience if they want to see Schalke get clapped today. Another instance of trash talk with Caps is when before the match against G2, he publically declares that he’s going to clap Perkz. True to his word, Caps solo kills Perkz and Fnatic stomp down Schalke.

In a lie detector test where caps was asked if he was afraid of Perkz

Boot camp

What many people don’t know is that this mid laner is not just a gifted player but is also very hardworking. Just before Spring split 2018, Caps accompanied by SoAZ headed to Korea to hone their skills. Over there in an interview conducted by Inven global, Caps stated that he was worried about the leading teams in the LPL and LCK. He declared that he would do his best to prepare for matches against them, should Fnatic head to worlds.

With the win against Schalke, Fnatic will be heading to worlds as Europe’s first seed alongside Vitality. You can rest assured that Caps and the whole of Fnatic are going to be on their toes and ready for the upcoming matches when worlds come out to greet them.

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