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Where To Find Quadcrasher In Map Fortnite Season 7

Location of Quadcrasher In Fortnite


Fortnite Quadcrasher is in the game for a long time now but players still don’t know locations of quadcrashers in game. Our guide will explain all the locations in the map where you can find quadcrasher.

This vehicle is different from ATK’s in game, you can drift in this vehicle. As you have to drive this vehicle in order to build up the boost. Booster in this vehicle has a special function which enables you to burst through trees and any other building that is in front of you.

However, if you are searching for ATK’s you can still get one or two them in Risky Reels for your squad.

Release Date of Quadcrasher

This vehicle was released on October 16th, 2018.

Features of Quadcrasher

  • Seats For two players.
  • Drive to build boost and smash through buildings by pressing space.
  • Hit other players to launch them high in the sky
  • 400 hp.
  • Fall Damage is there if you fall in an awkward position

Quadcrasher Locations & Where-to Find In Season 7 Map

Fortnite-season-7-quadcrasher-locationQuadcrasher Controls

It’s not a vehicle which is new but here are controls of Quadcrasher:

  • To Switch from passenger seat to driver seat press Ctrl(i.e. Crouch key Bind)
  • Boost From Space Key (Jump Key Bind)
  • Exit From Vehicle By Pressing E (Use Key Bind)

Tips To Use Quadcrasher In A Better Way

  • Get into fights only when there are people already fighting or just ended. This vehicle is too loud, so anyone can hear from a long distance if not in a fight. What you can do is surprise from sky but you have to bear some fall damage.
  • Use the boost ability to burst through enemy structures and knock them down from high ground.
  • Use your boosters economically if you want to win a fight as you have to drive in order to build up boost. There is only a finite amount of boost which you can use after that it needs time to regenerate.
  • Hold down the boost button rather than just pressing it once. Holding down the button will boost more than normal.
  • Use quadcrashers booster ability to speed through and get out of heavy fight situations where you know you can’t win.

However season 7 brought a new vehicle in game i.e. X-4 Stormwing Jet. Everyone must be finding those, we have got that covered too.

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Fortnite is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and select mobile devices. As season 7 has started now, what is that you liked the most? Join the conversation in the comment section or hit us over on twitter: @esportsrush7



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