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Where is Week 10 Hidden Battle Pass Banner : Fortnite Week 10 Loading Screen


Each week players complete all the challenges for that respective week and search for the hidden battle pass banner location on the map indicated in Loading Screen of the respective week. Challenges for week 10 are up and mostly every player has completed them and week 10’s loading screen is given below :

And as you can see it shows Brite Bomber skin which is a paid skin and a dark personality reflection of Brite Bomber can be seen on Cube which she is touching. This doesn’t indicate where Battle Pass Banner for week 10 is like other loading screens indicated. But it somehow explains how much importance does that cube holds for season 6 which will eventually be themed according to what is currently we can see in this loading screen: a dark world.

In season 6 cube can make the whole Fortnite map go dark themed like alternate dark versions of our favorite characters. In previous seasons Epic Games gave players challenges to complete in a week and they were rewarded with 4000xp and a battle star location in loading screen unlocked by completing challenges. But this season players search for Battle Pass banner in loading screen unlocked by completing challenges, however week 10 loading screen doesn’t offer any signs of Battle Pass Banner location though.

If you want to unlock the hidden loading screen yourself, you can complete the following challenges for the week :

Free Challenges

Search Jigsaw puzzle pieces in basements (7)

• Consume Apples or Mushrooms (20)

• Eliminate opponents (HARD) (10)

Battle Pass Challenges

• Search chests in Salty Springs (HARD) (1)

• Deal damage to opponents (5,000)

• Search between a covered bridge, waterfall, and the 9th green (HARD) (1)

• Stage 1: Eliminate an opponent in Pleasant Park (1)

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