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Valve ends OPSkins, CS:GO trading site


OPSkins was one of the best-known sites of CS: GO in-game item trading. The site allowed you to buy and sell skins more or less legally. The company quickly grew in popularity and to prove their legitimacy they showed that they had dozens of employees working for them. They were constantly improving their services and are sponsoring competitions on several occasions. However, the site has come under the radar of Valve.
Valve has always turned a blind eye to this business. The company focused primarily on attacking gambling sites which are much less legal and secure than OPSkins. They have also recently extended the period during which a CS:GO item received in an exchange is locked in the inventory at 7 days, precisely to handicap the gambling sites.

Everything went well for OPSkins at first. However, this lock of 7 days has affected the business by reducing the activity on the site. To react to this problem of 7 days, OPSkins proposed on June 6 a system called the ExpressTrade which allowed members to exchange skins immediately on OPSkins. This system directly violated the Steam underwriting agreement, since it was likely that OPSkins and the associated Gambling sites brought Valve to a loss.

Credits: zRep via YouTube

At first, several gambling sites began to highlight the ExpressTrade to announce their upcoming return. A comeback that pushed the limits of Valve, who decided to counterattack. For example, on June 9 the US firm went on Twitter and published a post on its blog explaining that the ExpressTrade violated the Steam subscription agreement and issued two demands to OPSkins: Firstly, to stop any activity related to CS: GO and Secondly, as of June 21, 2018 Valve will block all accounts used by OPSkins linked to CS:GO.

In response, OPSkins pointed out that they managed to secure the market in a fair way, took a lower percentage on a sale, permitted members to sell items without price limits, and so on. But in reply, Valve said that the decision is irrevocable and OPSkins will have no longer any connection with CS: GO once June 21 passed.

If you have skins on OPSkins, you still have 10 days to recover before losing them forever.

Credits: Motherboard – Vice

Prior to banning trading websites, Valve finished the businesses of third-party trading websites like Dota2lounge, CSGOlounge and many more. The basic plan was to eliminate the risk of getting scammed from the auto-bots generated by them. Moreover, Valve also introduced a certain time-period before which you cannot trade items on Steam.

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