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Updated: Upcoming Skins And Cosmetics In Season 6


Patch v6.01 of Fortnite brings some new leaked skins and cosmetic that are going to release in the store soon. Here is a list of cosmetics that got leaked with the latest patch:


Straw Ops Rarity: Epic
Hay Man Rarity: Epic


Dark Glyph (Dark Bomber Glider)
Field Wraith Scarecrow


Thunder Crash (Dark Bomber) Rarity: Epic
Harvester (Scarecrow) Rarity: Epic

Back Blings

Hay Nest Scarecrow
Birdhovel Dark Bomber


With these leaks it is sure that Dark Bomber is coming soon, stay tuned with us for more leaks, rumors and news related to Fortnite.

More Leaks From v6.20 Patch

Leaked Skins

Summit Striker (Epic) – Always first to the top.

Frostbite (Legendary)

Dante (Epic) – Back for more.

Guan Yu (Epic) – Loyalty and bravery at all times.

Rosa (Epic) – Celebrate the unknown.

Leaked Back Blings

Freezing Point (Legendary) – Ice cold.

Calavera (Epic) – Bare bones fashion.

Galactic Disc (Epic) – Light-years ahead of the rest.

Loyal Shield (Epic)

Spirit Cape (Epic) – Find your spirit.

Top Notch (Epic) – Best in class.

Leaked Gliders

Spirit (Epic) – It’s a hoot.

Discovery (Epic) – Explore the galaxy.

Divine Dragon (Epic) – Sail through the clouds and row toward victory.

Leaked Pickaxes

Divine Dragon (Epic) – Sail through the clouds and row toward victory.

Longhorn (Rare) – Corral the competition.

Stellar Axe (Epic) – The stars are aligned.

Chill-Axe (Rare) – Keep it chill.

Guandao (Rare) – Sharpened for battle.

Leaked Emotes

Jugglin’ (Rare) – Pure concentration.

Headbanger (Rare) – Bang your head against the air.

Criss Cross (Rare)

Busy (Rare) – I’ll be with you in just a moment.

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