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Top ten easiest champions to lane with in League of legends 2018


1. Annie

Annie is at the top of this list due to various reasons. The simplicity of her kit allows you to deal point and click damage avoiding skill-shots and also allows for easy farming in lane.
Whenever Annies Q is cast and if it kills an enemy unit, the mana cost is refunded. This allows for easy and quick farming. traditionally with Annie, you want to wait till you have your stun stack up and pop your ultimate to get the AoE stun and from there let your bear do the work.


Like Annie, all of Garen’s abilities are either point and click or auto attack based meaning its impossible to miss them. Garen’s passive also provides an incredible amount of sustain in the game allowing you to heal back to full hp whenever you are out of combat.
For Garen, you would use Q to take off any slows, Followed by an E and R if you can secure the kill. If you cant, run back out and you’ll out heal the enemy laner anyway.

3. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is one of the easiest ad carries to master for beginners. This is because her kit is not very kiting reliant. Standard ad carries require that you move between auto attacks. Miss Fortune does not have this requirement.
As a Miss Fortune, Q the enemy repeatedly, after that get into a nice cozy position and hit R. sit back and watch as your ultimate shreds through enemy lines fetching you kills.

4. Blitzcrank

While this may seem a little odd, there is a particular reason for blitz being on this list. The iron golems primary damage output and probably the most useful part of his kit is his Q. The rocket grab. If you miss this you are rendered useless for the next 10 seconds.
This also means that if you land your Q, the rest of your combo just basically includes auto attacking the enemy. As a beginner, the only aspect you then need to practice is to land your Q and when to hook when not to hook.

5. Master Yi

In the jungle, the swordsman stands undefeated. . . since season 4. . . In 2013. . . seriously, I’m not even kidding. Master Yi is one of the strongest champions to begin your game with and also one of the most rewarding players to play with.
As master Yi, all you have to do is hit your ultimate, and auto attack the enemy, hitting Q whenever it comes up. The damage output this guy dishes out is absolutely insane. He is capable of tearing through the enemy team in mere minutes.


In the bottom lane, Soraka is another strong champion to master. Her primary kit is focused on keeping the team alive. Whenever you see people dying, save them. That’s all there is to playing Soraka.
Her Q and E are slightly advanced forms of harass and crowd control, these can be picked up as you dive deeper into the game.

7. Ashe

How can we forget, the first champion we all start our game with. Ashe is one of the most binary champions in the league. As a beginner Ashe, your entire job is to stay in the back line and keep auto attacking whomever you can.
Once you are familiar with her skill set and range, you should start learning how to kite, to maximize her full potential.


Another healer in the game, Sona is comparatively simpler than Soraka in that her heal is basically an area of effect spell rather than a single target spell. She provides damage, health and movement speed!
With enough practice, you should be able to judge and place her ultimate correctly such that it affects the maximum people.

9. Pantheon

In the top lane, the baker is a very easy champion to play because all of his abilities are point and click. There are no skill shots so there is no scope for dodging. Pantheons early game is really very strong.
Auto-attacks procs your block and with your spear and E, you will find yourself winning that lane in no time!

10. Malzahar

The reason Malzahar is on here is basically because errors in his laning phase are not usually punished. This means that even if you lose the laning phase miserable, chances are you’ll still do well in the team fight.
As Malzahar, spawn some voidlings and cast your ultimate. Sit back and let your voidlings do the rest…literally, that’s all you have to do. . . R and chill.

That’s it for the top ten easiest champions to play. If you have any other champions you’d like to mention, leave it down in the comments below. There are articles published on guides for Urgot and Hecarim as well. For some random League, trivia click here. For mobile legends articles, click here.


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