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Top Rarest Skins In Fortnite Battle Royale


Fortnite is a craze right now and people around the world want what is rarest even if it is related to a game. In Fortnite there are a lot of cosmetic items which are rare because they don’t appear any more in the item shop in-game. These rare items include stuff either which are battle pass exclusive or event only items. So here goes the list of skins and items which are rarest in the game right now :

1. Royal Bomber Skin

The reason this skin is rare is that it is PS4 exclusive with the bundle, so in order to get Royale Bomber skin you have to purchase the PS4 exclusive bundle. If you want to know other ways to get Royale Bomber skin we published an article on this here : https://esportsrush.com/unlock-royale-bomber-skin-in-fortnite-and-upcoming-xbox-bundle-leaked/

2. Black Knight

This skin is rare because it was the tier 100 reward for completing season 2 battle pass and at that time most of the players didn’t bother purchasing Battle Pass for the game. This skin is never returning because it was battle pass exclusive.

3. Crackshot

An event exclusive skin which was available during December 2017 through January 2018. However this skin in terms of rarity can be termed as Epic because it can return in this holiday event.

4. Skull Trooper

Players all around the world crave for the accounts with this skin because it was available for such a short period time only during 2017’s Halloween event when the game almost started getting the fame. However, rumours are out that it is going to appear soon in the shop with this year’s Halloween event.

5. Raven

This skin has arrived twice in the shop so it can’t be called a legendary rare skin because most of the players who wanted this skin must have purchased it already. But since after appearing the second time it didn’t appear again that is what makes it rare.

6. Blue Squire

Another Battle Pass exclusive skin which is never going to return again in the game. It was rewarded to those who purchased season 2 battle pass.

7. Leviathan

Same as Raven this skin has appeared twice in-game item shop. Most of the players that loved this skin must have purchased it but still because of only two appearances in item shop Leviathan is rare.

8. Ghoul Trooper

Another one from the Halloween event of the previous year which is expected to appear soon in item shop during Halloween event.

9. Red Knight

It was rare three months ago but since that, it has already appeared three times in the item shop so it’s rarity can be termed as epic.

10. Moisty Merman

This skin has appeared only twice in the item store of Fortnite. It is as rare as Leviathan or Raven because chances of this skin appearing again are very low.

11. Aerial Assault Trooper

Before Fortnite gained attention there was this skin and can be considered as rarest of the skins out there.

12. Renegade Raider

13. Merry Marauder

14. Recon Expert

15. Yuletide Ranger

16. Rabbit Raider

17. Wreck Raider

18. Red-Nosed Raider

19. Chomp Sr.

Rarest Emotes

1. Floss

2. Ride The Pony

Rarest Pickaxes

1. AC/DC

2. Candy Axe

3. Reaper

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