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Top 5 Mistakes Supports Make in Dota 2


Playing a support in Dota 2 can be very tricky. The early game relies mostly on supports to make plays around the map. While your team can easily turn their back on you for one stupid mistake. Below are some of the most common mistakes made by supports essentially in the early stages of the game. First, we talk about the mistake and then comes the solution to it.

#1 Inefficient Time Usage

This is seen specifically in the early stages of the game. Supports heroes would go and roam around the map looking for opportunities to kill. This can be really felt as a waste of time especially if you are getting no results or if you are dying too. When you roam inefficiently you are going to become under-level. You are very limited while you’re roaming on ways to actually get resources in the form of experience and gold.

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In order for your rotations to succeed, you should

1. Plan ahead what is going to happen

So one way to cut this inefficiency down is to plan ahead. Try to really weigh out your options.

2. See what abilities your hero can provide

See what hero you are and what hero you are trying to bring down. If you are a hero that can stun or someone like Tuskar who can trap enemies.

3. See how you can combo with your team

How you can coordinate your abilities with your teammates ability. It is very essential for you to be in sync with your teammate when ganking. How you can chain stun, so the enemy has no way of escaping.

4. See what spells your enemies have

Try to plan out the scenario in your head and see how it works. For instance, if you try to gank mid against an Invoker with ghost walk. It is essential to carry detection. So if you lack detection, you might just instinctively go there and hope for the best.

If you really analyse and think about it, you might realise. You can get a sure kill in the offlane while mid is not so easy. So to minimise inefficiency, try to refine what you think and play the scenario in your head. Just by visualising, it’s gonna help you make better decisions. In the long run, this will make you a lot better with using your time more efficiently.

#2 Inefficient Warding

Everyone does a relatively good job of getting the initial wards out at the start of the game. But it seems that as that set goes down. You will find that rather wards don’t get placed out immediately or they get placed without a sense of purpose. So what this means is, your first set of wards are going to be very general. You might have a ward to protect your mid lane and a ward to defend your offlaner. Regardless once those wards drop during 5 to 6 min mark, you need to think about the next set of wards.

Have a plan when placing your second set of wards

See how the game is going currently and where you can go objectively next with your vision. Whether it is something as simple as my mid laner has a bottle, so lets provide a rune ward. Or something more objectively like place wards aggressively overseeing a tower on some sort of high ground. That will give you full vision on the tower you plan to take down. This will allow you to posture around the tower and kill anyone that tries to defend it. This ward placement has to be completely synchronised with you pushing the tower. So have wards that have a purpose and make sure they come out timely.

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Credits: Devianart

#3 Bad Creep Pulling

Pulling ineffectively or pulling at the wrong time is another mistake. Some examples of this would include. If you’re going to go ahead and single pull a camp instead of stack pull or chain pull. Know that, this will inevitably push the lane. Which will be very detrimental to your early game and give enemy offlane a ton of experience and gold ultimately.

Another inefficient way could be; Pulling when the lane is already under your tower. Not only will your carry have a hard time farming but also enemy offlaner are going to identify a creep wave never came. Since your carry is tied up with farming, he will not be able to rotate to help you. If your pull gets contested by the enemy.

Another ineffective way is pulling when it’s destined to fail. If you are playing against a strong dual offlane or you don’t have such a strong safelane. If you pull and this gets identified by the enemy, they will take away your creeps as well as neutrals. So they would end up getting more out of it. Also on top of that, the creep equilibrium will be set to their advantage. Don’t pull if your opponents have the resources to contest you.

So there’s a lot of things that make you very vulnerable and a good offlane player will notice these weaknesses and definitely capitalise.

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Credit Liquipedia

#4 Bad Zoning

Some people don’t really know the full parameters to what pulling creep aggro is and how that directly correlates with zoning. If you are a very long-range support hero. Or if you are someone like a silencer with orb attack then you’re pretty golden with zoning. However, if you are a melee hero or with shorter range. You have to be more crafty and selective on when you zone. This is indeed very hero specific and matchup specific.

Some good things to help you zone better would be. If you’re ranged hero with decent range to right-click away from the aggro zone. Then find an angle to harass from without drawing aggro. Maybe from the side or even behind the offlane hero and creep wave. Also, due to recent changes; You can start attacking the offlane when the first creep wave comes out. The creep wave will completely ignore you and you can deal maximum damage initially.

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credits Fluff Dota

If you are a melee hero and you harass the offlane. You are going to draw the aggro hundred percent and eventually mess up the creep equilibrium. So harass only if you will get a kill or if you can salvage the lane by pulling. You need to ask yourself, how effectively are you zoning. How much experience the enemy offlaner is getting will answer this question.

#5 Lack Of Rune Control

This is predominantly for position 4 players and heroes. Runes get completely ignored, sometimes not even checked. Nowadays everyone is so fixated on the bounty runes, they have forgotten power runes. As a roamer, a power rune will allow you to have an opportunity that normally would never be there.

For example, a Tuskar with invisibility rune can set up in such a way that you normally would not be able to. If this rune allows you to get a kill on a core, it is ideal scenario. So this opportunity will never be available if you never will be proactive about controlling the rune. Try to find a purpose with whatever rune you get. If you get illusion rune, you might think it’s useless but. You can stack 2 camps with it.

Hope this article helps you have a more impactful support life and your carry won’t complain.

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