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Top 10 Highest Earning Esports Organizations Of 2018


eSports has been booming now more than ever, with a prize pool of over $130 Million being awarded in 2018. Undoubtedly, players and organizations fought hard and strong for a chunk of that cash. Bringing in so much money in eSports only meant highest caliber games for the viewers.

According to the data collected from various sites and Esports Earnings (esportsearnings.com). Each of the organizations in this list managed to secure a prize of over $3 Million from the tournaments in 2018. It is no surprise that majority of these teams were a part of the highest paying eSport tournament ‘The International Dota 2’.

Let’s have a look at how these organizations managed to dominate the world of eSports

10. Vici Gaming: $3.04M

Lot of people would be wondering how Vici Gaming ended up on the list with such an average performance throughout the year. Well incase nobody noticed, Vici Gaming had 3 squads under its name participating in The International. Between its core team Vici Gaming, VGJ.Storm and VGJ.Thunder placing a decent position of 7/8th in the event. Collectively earning $1.15 Million from the event and making the remaining money from other Dota 2 events throughout the year.

9. Cloud9: $3.28M

Cloud9 has branched under various top tier games. So, it was no surprise when the organization won some of the remarkable titles of 2018.  London Spitfire’s, a part of C9 managed to grab the Overwatch League championship and winning a prize money of $1 Million. Other key victories included CS:GO ELEAUGE Boston Major ($500K) and the Rocket League World Championship ($200K). The team also did fairly well in League of Legends World Championship finishing 3rd/4th and winning $452K.

8. Fnatic: $3.63M

Fnatic’s winnings in 2018 mainly come from 3 top games in eSports. League of Legends ($1.22 Million) which includes a second-place finish in the world championship. CS:GO ($1.37 Million) and Dota 2 ($525K). Fortnite and FIFA add upto the remainder of their earnings but also keep in mind that they had a lot of winnings coming in from number of other games as well.

7. Astralis: $3.65M

Danish Organization Astralis completely dominated the CS:GO scene in 2018. Even though this organization only takes part in Counter Strike, they managed to bag most of the key titles of the game. They were incredibly successful in winning tournaments like ELEAGUE CS:GO Premier, FACEIT Major London, Season 7 & 8 of the ESL Pro League. They were so dominant that they were awarded The Intel Grand Slam, adding an additional $1 Million to their pockets.

6. Virtus.pro: $3.96M

Virtus.Pro had an amazing year in the Dota 2 scene, grabbing four major titles (The Kuala Lumpur Major 2018, The Bucharest Major 2018, ESL One Birmingham 2018, and ESL One Katowice 2018). Even though many fans expected the team to win The International. The team secured a position of 5/6th place which added a decent chunk to its total earnings. The recently disbanded VP CS:GO team also managed to contribute a fraction of its earnings ($272K).

5. FaZe Clan: $4.09M

FaZe managed to pull off most of its earnings from shooting games. FaZe put its mark on the Fortnite professional scene with $2.36 Million earned from the game in 2018 led by Tfue. The organization also pulled good money from other shooting games like CS:GO ($1.01 Million), Call of Duty WWII ($357K) and PUBG ($291K).

4. Evil Geniuses: $4.17M

EG has been one of the oldest and most prominent teams in the history of Dota 2. That tradition continued in 2018 with earnings of $3.24 Million from the game. The teams 3rd place finish in The International helped secure most of that cash. EG also pulled off an amazing victory in the Call of Duty World League Championship in August winning a prize of $600K and collected a total of $164K from the game Rainbow Six Siege.

3. Paris Saint-Germain Esports: $5.36M

PSG’s entrance into the Dota Scene was quite remarkable, collaborating with one of the strongest Chinese teams. PSG.LGD managed to fall short of winning The International, coming in at the 2nd place and bagging a whooping prize money of $4.07 Million from the event. Throughout the year, their performance only kept improving. Winning events like Epicenter XL ($500K) and MDL Changsha Major ($400K) helped increase their total earnings.  PSG’s Rocket League team also had a few shining moments in 2018 helping them grab $81K in the year.

2. Team Liquid: $7.2M

Team Liquid topped last year’s list, however it is more impressive to see them still performing so well. Even though Liquid finished 4th position in The International ($1.79 Million) their earnings come from well varied games. The Dota 2 division managed to pull a total of $3.23 Million for the year. It’s huge collection of money includes winnings from other games like Fortnite ($1.31 Million), CS:GO ($1.03 Million), PUBG ($519K) and League of Legends ($419K). Liquid even won the Quake Championship of 2018 adding $197K to the total. It is amazing to see this organization perform well in all fronts.

1. OG: $11.47M

This team deserves to top the list with one of the most inspiring stories of an underdog. Not only did they manage to win the most esteemed tournament of Dota 2 but they also won the hearts of fans all over the world. The team’s other earnings were insignificant compared to earning a stunning $11.23 Million from The International. The team’s only other game was Super Smash Bros from which it earned $3.3K. Not only were the finals a treat to watch but it was hard for the players to realize that they had actually won the event. It was certainly a dream come true for OG.

It is not surprising that the top 4 in this list are also the top 4 finalists from The International Dota 2. As this crowdfunded event grows in popularity, we can only hope a similar prize money for other games. Overall, it is safe to assume that eSports stand right beside traditional sports. The totals in this article were tabulated by adding up the individual earnings of each team throughout 2018.