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Tips To Win Solo Games In PUBG PC, Mobile, Xbox One


With this detailed guide, we are providing you with tips to improve your gameplay and tricks that can help you plan various key points that will help you win solo games in PUBG.

Tips To Win Solo Match

1. Versatile Loadout

In a solo match as you are alone you have to be equipped with weapons that will work according to every situation. You must have an assault rifle and secondary should be something that will suit you both in close and long range.

2. Positioning And Movement

Moving according to storm and taking positions that are advantages to you. Advantages mean as you are playing solo you have to take such a position that will help you scan for enemies and take the opportunities to kill enemies.

3. Take Advantage Of Cross Fire

PUBG is such game where luck plays an important factor too so you have to get engage in a battle when you are sure that you will win. A tip to winning most fights is you have to be opportunistic and fight those enemies who are engaged in fights already or are just out of the fight.

4. Game Planning Before Jumping

  • Land Farther Away if Your Survival Is Your Main Priority

Land further away from the Plane’s route if you want to survive for a longer time and want to have less competition.

  • Land Near Plane Route If You Are Planning To Play Aggressive

Land Near the Plane Route or on locations which are just on the route of Plane to get as much as kills as you want by playing an aggressive style.

Tips To Survive Early Game

You won’t be able to win a solo game in PUBG if you haven’t planned good enough on how to survive early game and how to move towards the safe zone by getting equipment which will ensure your survival.

1. Prioritize Equipping First

After landing at any place just focus on equipping yourself with any weapon that you come across rather than rushing to the zone as soon as you land because these weapons will affect your survival in early to mid-game.

2. Find An Assault Rifle

An Assault Rifle is important because it is effective at every range. Prioritize on finding and equipping this weapon first and if you want to know which are some of the best weapons in PUBG you can read our guide on weapons.

3. Move To High Ground Near Safe Zone Edge

If you move to high ground near the edge of safe zone this position will be good to plan for next move to survive mid game and also early game storm doesn’t damage that much so you don’t have to worry if you are late to reach the position that you want.

Tips To Survive Mid-Late Game

After surviving early game, numbers of survivors in the game will reduce to half, this is the time you have to plan safely and seriously in order to survive mid-late game to win the chicken dinner.

1. Keep An Eye On Enemies From Advantageous Position

Once through early game survival when you are in an advantageous position in the map from where you can scan enemies, just keep an eye on their positions and fight them when the fight is in your favour.

2. Exploit Mini-Map Usage

MInimap is there to give you situational awareness so use it to your own advantage as it gives hints from enemy footsteps to gunshots. So keep an eye on mini-map to know any suspicious movements!

Never Prioritize Going to the Centre of Circle

If you want to have a good chance to win the solo match in PUBG then forget about going to the center of the circle. As once you land at the center of circle enemies will be coming to you from different angles, so try to stay at the edge of the safe zone circle to increase your chance of winning.

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