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TIps to master the sniper aim in CSGO


There are basically 3 types of snipers in CSGO: Semiautomatic, Automatic and Bolt-Action.


Semi-automatic are those snipers that usually have good accuracy and high firing rate, i.e. faster shooting. However, they have reduced damage compared to Bolt-Action snipers.


As with Semiautomatic, they have good accuracy, high cadence and reduced damage. The difference is that you can have a greater sequence of shots, as you can leave the trigger pressed, as well as rifles.


Bolt-Actions are slow, compared to the automatic and semi-automatic, however, they have high precision and high damage.
Since Bolt action sniper happens to be the best in class let’s give a few tips:

These tips are of intermediate level. To learn how to play sniper, just like any other game, the most important thing is to train a lot. This is the only tip that will work in 100% of cases.

Credits: VOLTEC YouTube


I recommend you to mastering the No Scope technique before going for the Quick Scope.

No Scope

The name says it all: Without Zoom. It is executed when you shoot the enemy, without even opening the focus of your sniper, i.e. without using the zoom of the left mouse click. Does it seem easy? It’s surely isn’t! I myself mastered the No Scope technique after a lot of training because to execute it you must have a lot of grip on your aim. Therefore, you have to predict where your shot will go. To help, I bring you an old but fully functional tip.

  • Open the zoom of your sniper ‘s scope
  • Glue a piece of adhesive or paper on your monitor, just where the gun focus is
  • Close the zoom of sniper and train with his new 3D focus

Ready! You’ve created your own technique for No Scope! Of course, you won’t be able to hit all the shots, because this aim will not be 100% accurate. But if the enemy is very close, you can be sure that using this tip, you will kill several enemies, even without using the aim of the weapon, only with this No Scope technique. After some time using this tip, you will not need to use papers or stickers, because you will surely have a lot of practice in killing the enemy with a single shot.

Quick Scope

The best-known sniper shooting technique is Quick Scope. It consists of opening the scope quickly and then firing the shot. That is, when you see the enemy, you zoom in on the target and shoot quickly, hitting the target. The technique sequence is Zoom (Right click) and Shoot (Left mouse button).

Credits: Imgur

One tip I can give you to perform this technique is, before you open the sniper’s focus, you must pre-position your weapon towards your opponent as if you were to execute a No Scope. This way you will have your opponent close to your focus and will have less time to execute the shot.

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