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This Time ‘Winter Is Coming’ In Fortnite For Season 7


Most of the Fortnite fans already know this as there are a lot of images roaming around Instagram about how a snow storm is coming from a far distance. But that could be something else, we don’t know yet. However, to give this rumor a steady base someone came up with a theory which you can carry out practically in-game live. You can’t do it in replay mode so don’t try. Ask your squad mate or duo mate to stand still in the game. Get close to him in the game and your gaming screen both. Take a good look at their mouths. There is a tiny bit of condensation coming out of their mouth which is a sign of winter. So the message is clear ‘Winter Is Coming’ in season 7 in Fortnite.

Snow Storm Image In-Game


For season 7 Fortnite and Epic Games are not doing anything special as they did in previous seasons. Cube, a Giant rift in the sky, Comet dropping there is no such thing that has been introduced so far for season 7 in Fortnite. The storyline which started with comet drop in map seems it has ended now. But it is still unclear how Epic Games story will go alongside that cubehenge in Leaky Lake. Everything this season is so calm, is it a calm before a storm? ahhem.. a snow storm. So with all those solid proofs and images going around on the internet, it is certain we are going to get snow, in fact, more snow as we have already in one part of the map.

Bringing snow for a change in the map is not a new thing in games as many games introduce snow for holiday season. For Fortnite to bring something new for holiday season is what everyone expects. Why? Because for Halloween season they changed the whole map and brought a new LTM just to give it that spooky feel. Since players discovered snow storm coming data miners are searching for more clues in data-files for upcoming events. And by far they have found out light dusting in Viking Village. But this isn’t all. There’s a huge storm coming which will engulf the whole map with snow.

Fortnite-viking-villageVideo Of Cube Explosion Event Season 6

Any official hint that we got in-game from Epic Games is A.I.M. skin who seems to be a major character for next season like drift was for the previous season. We have already seen Leaky Leak forming to something unexpected and that event was huge- like something extraordinary. Everyone is expecting one more major event to start season 7 from Epic Games. Let’s hope we see snowflakes next week as inauguration ceremony for Season 7.

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