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The yeti rider changes rides?

Speculation on the upcoming Nunu rework

About the champ

Nunu is one of the first champions in the game and is also the very first dual wield caster the league ever housed. The champion has recieved a lot of love ever since its initial release in the Beta versions back in 2008. The champion is also not as mechanically challenging to play as compared to the other champions in the game which makes it easier to play him.

Nunu League of Legends

The champ had also been made popular by a lot of pro players in the LCS, particularly TSM Theoddone who was considered ‘undefeatable’ on the yeti in his heydays. PantsAreDragon was also a really good Nunu player previously. In the current patch however, it is rather unlikely for the champ to pop up in pro play. With the meta favouring assassins and hard tanks, semis like Nunu see little leverage in games and are outright excluded from champion select with an overall play rate of 0.78%

TheOddOne who popularised Nunu jungle
Necessity of a Nunu rework

While the champ has always been a long time favorite, the low pick ratios indicate the growing disinterest in the champions stagnant ability pool. League being the ever changing game that it is, would find it imperative to modify the current abilities of the champion to give a fresh look to the game and also raise the skill cap on the champion perhaps placing him right up with top tiers like Azir and Zed. The champion has a very low skill cap leaving little to no room for mechanical outplay. A possible rework would also allow players to pull off a good Nunu and leave opponents dumbfounded.


Speculation on possible changes

There has been a lot of shots taken in the dark with regard to the champs new ability pool. The changes may be focused on bringing the champion into the current assassin meta in a way. However there would also be the necessity to keep him in the Tier 2 – Tier 3 champion pool range. Riot Reav3 waas the one who gave confirmation on the Nunu rework.He hinted towards the champ fitting into a light hearted whimsical space. The Rioter stated the following “Nunu and Willump should capture the childlike feeling of having your first snowball fight or warming up next to a close friend on a cold winter night. It’s not all snowballs and hot chocolate though, as when our heroes backs are against the wall, Willump will make sure his enemies learn the true power of a Freljordian behemoth.”


All this speculation had led to some really interesting concepts. Parznip, a gamer from NA designing a really fun and ‘not too impossible’ possible rework. The concept was later uploaded onto the NA forums.