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The International Debutant CCnC


Quinn “CCnC” Callahan is the versatile mid player for Team Optic. Throughout this year, he has shown that he has a very vast hero pool and incredible mechanical skills. He is also described by his teammates as calm, cool and collected.  CCnC has previously tried thrice to enter into Valve’s most prestigious event, The International.

This year his hard work paid off, under the leadership of one of the best captains in the scene. He finally got his chance to claim the Aegis of the Champions trophy. CCnC started to play Dota 2 around the end of 2012 year.  After hustling through the North American leaderboards, he made his professional debut in mid-2016 with team FDL. He did not find an immediate success, as all good things take time to flourish.

Inspite of being unsuccessful as a professional player, he stood loyal to his teammates. He went on to play in 2017 for isGG which after got acquired by Team Freedom. This gave him the opportunity to play in the North American qualifiers for two of The International in 2016 and 2017 with them. CC&C was pretty determined to make his career in the Dota 2 eSports scene. He also became very active in helping other players by making video tutorials and collaborated with websites that offered Dota 2 teaching services.

CCnC’s Journey To The International 8

CCnC was just one series shy from qualifying in TI7 with Team Freedom. They were defeated by Digital Chaos in the playoffs grand finals. However, Valve had something special planned for that year’s analysts desk. They invited Quinn along with PPD and Pajkatt to join the panel, who later went on to form a team together. Just after the 2017 season ended, PPD announced his comeback to the professional Dota scene with Team Dire. That is how the three of them began their journey to TI8.

Despite being very strong mechanically and showing how good he can be in the mid-lane. CCnC had a hard time impressing the Dota 2 community. Many times people flamed him for his average performance and claim him to be the weakest player in the team. But the guy whose opinion mattered the most never doubted CCnC. PPD always believed in CCnC and helped him rise above an average player. PPD is a genius in understanding player mentality and thus helped CCnC overcome his mental blocks. Which truly lead him to rise and become a more confident player who could perform well even under pressure.

What makes CCnC so special in comparison to other mid-laners In the scene is his ability of making unpredictable decisions in important moments. Along with PPD’s support, his high-risk, high-reward playstyle always seem to amaze the audience. His go-to heroes are Queen of Pain, Lina and Puck. All three heroes have a lot in common. They have amazing mobility, huge burst damage and team fight oriented. However his most played heroes in the competitive scene are Death Prophet and Dragon Knight. As they favour the current meta of objective focused strategies. CC&C is used by PPD as mid-game carry that dictates the pace of the game and makes space for their carry, Pajkatt.

CCnC’s most played heroes with OpTiC Gaming

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In the qualifiers for TI8, CCnC played 11 diverse heroes. All of them just had one thing in common. They all had an amazing creep clearance which lead to fast farming and taking objectives. Which fits perfectly in the current meta. Leshrac, DK, Kunkka, Shadow Fiend, Lina were some of them. He is most notorious for his Huskar pick, where teams have a hard time countering him.

It seems Quinn has been spamming Shadow Fiend a lot lately in the NA Pubs. He even managed to get 1st rank in the NA leaderboards playing that hero. We are very excited to see how Team Optic and CCnC perform in this year’s The International. If there is anything to take away from this story, it is how hard work and determination will ultimately lead you to success.

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