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The International 2018 left with six direct invitation


Six places are still available, for a lot of teams who are aiming to compete for the invites of The International 2018.

Before the Epicenter XL Major, Virtus.Pro had qualified for The International 2018. Shortly after that the reigning champions, Team Liquid after finishing at second place in Moscow managed to get their ticket to The International 2018. Nevertheless, six places are still available. Some teams are in a good position, even though they didn’t show impressive performances in the DPC. There are still some big tournaments that will decide the fate of the six remaining spots.

Virtus.Pro and Team Liquid fly to Canada

The Russian side Virtus.Pro managed to finish at fourth place on the home ground (Epicenter XL Moscow Major). Regardless of this, they secured their invitation for The International 2018 on 12th March. Team Liquid has not been able to make a big difference in recent weeks and months. The last time they lifted a title was, StarLadder i-League Invitational Season 4 at the beginning of February. Nevertheless, they did manage to get some points from here and there, and on May 4th they have also secured their place in Vancouver.

Competition getting tough

There are currently six teams in the circuit, who can qualify for the biggest event of the year, The International. These teams are Team Secret, PSG.LGD, Mineski, Newbee, VG, and VGJ.Thunder. Now for a guaranteed invitation, a team must secure 5000+ points. But looking at the rankings, the qualification can be achieved with much fewer points. Outside these eight spots, we can still see at least six more sides who can still get their ticket for The International 2018.

Currently, GESC Thailand, a Minor is taking place with eight teams competing for 300 DPC points. The Minor will be followed by two Majors and a Super Major. The teams like Evil Geniuses, Natus Vincere, Fnatic, FlyToMoon, TNC Pro Team, OpTic Gaming and OG can still reach the reaming six spots if all goes well for the sides.

Super Major in China is the last major tournament before The International, with a $ 1.5 million prize pool and 2250 DPC points available. It is likely that this tournament will decide who will ultimately take the place in the top 8 DPC ranking list.

Objections by Peter “ppd” Dager

Regarding the invites to the Super Major, some questions were raised by OpTic Gaming’s captain Peter “ppd” Dager.

In his opinion, two teams, EG and OG do not deserve to receive invitations. Since EG lost the last two qualifications in the North American region with 9th place in the DPC ranking list. While OG does not even have the right to compete for DPC points (due to changes in the roster).

Credits: Reddit/u/fluffies

The stakes are high, and for this reason, there are reasons to doubt. The Chinese may be trying to call down the weaker teams from the western scene to allow their teams to easily gain DPC points, thereby securing themselves invitations to The International.

So at the end who will qualify? We can get the answer to the question after the next two months of action. The International 2018 will be held from 20 to 25 August in Vancouver, Canada.

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