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The Hepta-team strategy

The idea behind bring seven people to worlds per team.


A Seven man team

While forming a seven-man team might not seem like such a complex call, there’s actually a lot of pre-planning and strategy that goes into this decision. The primary reason a seven-man team is made is to provide another ace up your sleeve that enemy players may not be ready for.

Afreeca Freecs
The current roster for the Freecs who recently lost 2-3 to griffin

The norm is to have a really strong team while subbing out a jungler and the mid lane in select matches. These select matches in particular are those which the subs are particularly trained for. While the strategy may be quite efficient, a number of fans believe it doesn’t adhere to the spirit of sportsmanship. Others, however, love the idea and continue to cheer their teams on as they move forward in the respective tournaments.

KingZone who lost to Afrreca 3-1

The basis for the strategy

The idea behind training for a certain team is quite similar to being one trick on a champ. You play the champion so much that you know exactly what to do in each and every scenario. While you may do horribly on any other champ, as long as you’re on your main you are virtually unbeatable. The concept is similar here as well, as you train for a particular player alone you tend to minutely scrutinize their play-style knowing how they react when a laner moves ahead, how they path around the jungle and other little things. While these may seem small movements, they are actually critical points for landing any skill shots or while positioning for a gank. The strategy has been used to bring down giants like King Zone and formerly even SK Telecom.

King Zone


King Zone is one of the strongest teams in the game currently. With a roster consisting of some really strong players like Peanut and Khan the last thing people expected was to have KZ lose 3-1 against the fourth seed of Korea – Afreeca Freecs. On an episode of ‘The Dive’ Kobe was quoted as saying ‘Their (King Zones) team seemed to be choking past 10 minutes into the game, losing to a predator Gragas. It’s quite apparent their team is blowing up.’

The term ‘Blowing up‘ in this case refers to the situation that occurs when a large number of big names in the gaming scene are placed into a single team. Egos clash leaving a feeling of inadequacy and unrest in the heart of the team. This ultimately ends up in players quitting the team and looking for another team to play for. Such ‘Blow ups’ have happened frequently in the NA [TSM] and EU [FNC] LCS and also the LCK[SSG].

Effect of the blow-up

The loss of KingZone guarantees KT Rolster a spot at worlds, making them at least second seed of the LCK. Griffin after they seized the match against the Freecs in a 5 game drawn out battle will be facing off against KT in the finals following which if they win, the team earns themselves a spot in the World Championship.

This means that the youngbloods – The Griffins have a really big shot at Worlds. After their recent performance in the LCK, fans are silently hoping the rookie team bags the win against the Giants ‘KT Rolster’. That doesn’t mean KT is any anyway taking the griffins lightly either. Both teams are gunning for the win. The battle that follows will be brutal and magnificent at the same time. Be sure to check out the finals airing on September 8th cause its gonna be a bloodbath. Not the kind that you wanna miss though.

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