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Survival Tips For PUBG – PC, Mobile, Xbox, PS4


For those who are new to the game, PUBG is a game where 100 players drop in a map to fight for their survival to win the match using a certain set of weapons in their inventory. And in order to survive till the end to get chicken dinner, there are various tactical strategies a player can follow which we are going to list in here. Follow these survival tips for PUBG mobile, PC, Xbox, PS4 and win your game in PUBG.

1. Share Items With Squad Mates

PUBG-Share-items-with-friendsIf you are playing in a duo or squad it is the most essential tip that you share anything helpful with your squad mates if you have spare. Just drag the item outside from your inventory and share. Who knows it might help you in the end to win chicken dinner.

To share items from your inventory click on the bag button on your screen and just drag the items that you have spare.

2. Customize Your Controls

If you are playing in a PC, Xbox or PS4 you can customize different function in the game to different buttons. Find out what functions are useful for you and assign those to the buttons that you find easy to press. Useful functions like Map, secondary weapon etc. can be assigned to mouse buttons.


3. Hold Your Breath While Aiming

Aiming is everything in this game unlike Fortnite where building plays a huge role, you can’t build cover in PUBG every time you get into a fight. So in order to aim better here is a simple tip ‘HOLD YOUR BREATH AND AIM’. There is a lung icon below in game screen if you are playing PC, PS4 and Xbox so make sure to press Shift(PC) while aiming it will help you with getting a clean shot.

4. Adjust Your Graphics

PUBG-graphics-settingsGraphics play a major role in PUBG as the game requires a very high-end processor if you are playing in PC. Same is with mobile phone and other gaming platforms, so what you have to do is adjust graphics according to your specifications of the respective platform that you are playing PUBG in. The lower the graphics will be, the lower data your respective gaming device will need both from motherboard and from your internet in order to run the game. So that will automatically give you an advantage in smooth running of PUBG.

5. Turn on Aim Assist (IOS/Android Users Only)

PUBG-auto-aim-settingIf you are playing PUBG in Android or IOS Or Emulator on PC, turn on Aim Assist. It helps a lot if you are playing in mobile, aim-assist is a blessing. Turn it on to aim faster when you are in an ambush by the enemy.

6. Let Others Fight

PUBG-campingYou don’t have to fight every single player in the game, sometimes if two players are fighting each other let them. You can take advantage when one of them wins and the other one is low. Ambush him when he is healing.

7. Use Headphones

Pubg-headphonesThe sound in this game is an essential factor. Always use headphones to bring out the full potential in the game with better game awareness through different sound factors in-game. Once you get used to using headphones and different sounds in game, your gameplay and survival rate will automatically increase.

8. Always Move if You Are in An Open Area

If you are in an open area that means you are a potential target for snipers. The best thing you can do is keep moving. If by any chance you get shot, that means enemies have spotted you. Henceforth start moving in a zig-zag pattern to avoid being an obvious straight-lined target to the enemies.

9. Use Bridges To Your Advantage

PUBG-bridgeBridges in PUBG are the best place to ambush an enemy. If you are planning to cross the bridge then DONT. Rather swim to the other side.

10. Learn How To Control The Recoil

The game has guns which offer single shot fire and automatic fire. If you are in mobile you should go for automatic fire guns but if you are in PC go for single shot fire guns because it will help you control the recoil better. To know more about guns and recoils read our guide on best guns in PUBG that can help you getting that chicken dinner.

Stay tuned for Part 2 of Survival Tips!

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