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RIP Kevin The CUBE – Everything About Cube Explosion One Time Event


Fortnitemares has come to an end with a bang, a literal bang of a purple cube named Kevin which was roaming around map since season 5. The explosion of cube event took place over Loot Lake on Nov. 4 at 1pm eastern time. Around 1.5 million viewers on Twitch and 2 Million on Youtube watched the event live.

What Was Cube Explosion One-Time Event?

It was an event which was hosted in order to end Fortnitemares event, Epic Games tweeted to give a reminder to players around the world that fortnitemares is ending on November 4, 2018.

What Happened During Fortnite Cube Explosion Event?

Here is video of what happened when Cube in Fortnite Exploded:

When Cube exploded everything became white and every player was teleported to another dimension called Nexus in Fortnite.

However, it appeared on the replay cam that everyone was above Fatal Fields in the map. This could mean something in future. After a while, a beautiful butterfly came to every player and then after touching that butterfly everyone was teleported back to the map to their previous places where they were but in the sky.

Reformed Leaky Lake After Cube Explosion

Lil’ Kev Challenges

Lil’ Kev challenges are nothing much but some challenges that will get completed as you play the game. But the thing is you have to grind in order to complete the challenges because these challenges have a time limit.

Lil Kev Challenges
Lil Kev Challenges
Play 15 matches500 XP
Gain 5,000 XP500 XP
Outlive 500 Opponents500 XP

You Have to complete these three challenges mentioned above to unlock Lil’ Kev Backbling. You must remember that there is a time limit to complete these challenges just like Fortnitemares challenges.

Lil’ Kev Challenges Duration

Nov 4, 2018Nov 11, 2018

This was all that happened during and after the Fortnite One-Time Cube explosion event which leads to the reformed leaky lake. Go into the game in order to complete Lil’ Kev Challenges and unlock that Lil’ Kev Backbling.

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