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Release Date And Price of PUBG on PS4 Announced With An Official Trailer


Yesterday Playstation’s official youtube channel uploaded an announcement trailer for PUBG release on PS4. The release date of PUBG on PS4 is announced December 7 and price of PUBG on PS4 will be as follows :

  • Basic Version : $30
  • Survivor’s Edition: $50
  • Champion’s Edition: $60

Preorder for each edition begins today and the other editions will give you bonus g-coins and some in-game rewards.

There were many leaks before hinting towards the release of PUBG on PS4. Three maps will be accessible in PUBG on PlayStation i.e. Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok and some other modes that available on PC and Xbox One will be included too. HDR is also supported in the game if you have PS4 Pro.

Recently Microsoft announced PUBG will be available exclusively to its Xbox Game Pass subscription. That means if you have subscribed to Xbox’s Game Pass you will be able to access PUBG along with other games. This is same as Origin Access On PC where you get many exclusive games with one-month subscription and it renews itself. Microsoft took this step because of PUBG’s struggle on XBox one. However, PlayStation has a huge player base as compared to Xbox One and it won’t struggle as bad as it struggled on Xbox One.

We’re excited to expand our PUBG service and introduce new communities to our Battle Royale game” says Changhan Kim, CEO of PUBG Corp. “PlayStation has developed an amazing community of passionate gamers and we can’t wait to join them this holiday season.

Brian Corrigan, studio director for PUBG said in an interview that they were working on developing a perfect version of PUBG (Player Unknown Battle Ground) for PS4 players since the start of the year.

“We’ve wanted to do it forever,” Corrigan said.

PUBG was released in early 2017 and it was a revolution in the gaming industry with its unique Battle Royale gameplay where 100 players drop in an island and survive to win the game till the end by collecting different gears

After the game’s fame, Battle Royale trend gave birth to many other competitors which include Fortnite which was sued by PUBG but later the sue was dropped. Since Fortnite’s release, it has changed the phenomenon of the gaming industry with almost every single gaming record engraved to its name. Recently Activision Blizzard has released its Battle Royale Game Call Of Duty Blackout and EA has already announced its Battlefield V Battle Royale version too.

Despite the surge in competition from games such as “Fortnite,” Corrigan said they’re focused on what makes “PUBG” unique.

“The game has this gritty, intense and sometimes kind of weird and wacky gameplay I don’t think really anyone else has been able to replicate yet,” Corrigan Said

As bluehole already announced the release of PUBG on PS4 with the announcement trailer, what new is coming in the game. To make PS4 players happy, the game is coming with some PlayStation exclusive cosmetics.

These playstation exclusive cosmetics will be rewarded to those who will preorder the game :

  • A Skin Set Based on Nathan Drake from the Uncharted series
  • Ellie’s Backpack From The Last of Us
  • A Special Avatar
  • Miramar Console Theme
  • PlayStation Themed Parachute

PUBG on PlayStation 4 will go up for preorder on Nov. 13 with the game’s full release schedule for Dec. 7.

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