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Qualified Teams For The International 2018


The International is the most prestigious tournament in the world of Dota 2. Teams had to give one final test before they could enter this tournament. While the qualifiers were filled with interesting twists. For the most parts, expected teams have qualified. Let’s take a quick look at the winners and losers of qualifiers.

North America

At first, there was a lot of controversy as to why North America received 3 slots. But it seems okay as no NA teams managed to receive a direct invite. Everyone expected Optic to qualify first for the event. After their performance in the past few months, Optic indeed looked strong. However, VGJ.Storm was the first team to qualify after owning their group stage. They only lost 1 game unexpectedly to Complexity. Soon, Evil Geniuses after a really bad group stage. They managed to have an amazing day beating Complexity and Optic to qualify. Last but not the least, fan favorites Optic qualified for the most awaited event.

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South America

They were provided with only 1 slot to The International. But, that was good enough for lots of controversies to emerge. While there were lots of accusations claiming that Midas Club was using DDOS against their opponents. They were eventually knocked out due to their lacklustred performance. Another controversy was the elimination of team Thunder predators as their player ‘Atun’ used an illegal script (macros) to assist in the gameplay. This was considered as cheating by Faceit. After the dust of controversies settled, two most deserving teams battled for the final spot. Pain Gaming had very back and forth games with SG eSports. Eventually, Pain was the better team out of the two. After Pain beat Liquid in the major, guess we could see another underdog run by them.

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This region was all about OG. Even though this region had some of the well-known teams competing for the spot like Alliance’s new roster and Blinkpool under Misery’s captainship. OG literally went untouchable in the group stages, not losing a single game. After Fly and S4 left OG, no one expected OG to emerge stronger than before. With the entry of Ana and Topson, this team looks in amazing form. Europe was allotted with 1 slot for the event and OG truly deserved that slot. We hope to see some fireworks in the main event if they ever clash against their former teammates and brothers.

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Virtus.Pro, true champions of this region have received direct invites to the event. Navi did not even manage to win the open qualifiers. A depressing site for all the Navi fans out there. However, there were lot of good teams battling it out for the 1 slot provided to CIS region. Formerly known as FlyToMoon were indeed the favorites. As they had managed to beat region champions Virtus.Pro in the Epicenter. Some can argue both the teams have same play style and like to play fast-paced games. This is a playstyle adopted by CIS region, these guys like to fight till only one team remains standing. FlyToMoon is now known as Winstrike and indeed the new name suits them.

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3 teams were directly invited to the main event. Still, they were awarded 2 more slots to the event. Total of 5 teams from China alone, seems to be really unfair. But this is the Chinese year and we might see one of these teams even win The International. Team Serenity managed to beat some of the top tier Chinese teams to become the first to qualify. Everyone likes a true underdog story. Invictus Gaming beat LFY to become the second team to qualify. LFY had a magnificent run in the last year Internationals, reaching the 3rd place. Despite such a strong team, they did not manage to qualify for the event.

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Southeast Asia

This was the most predictable region. Everyone expected two SEA Giants Fnatic and TNC Predators to qualify for the event. That’s exactly what happened. However, a good fight was put up by TNC Tigers and Entity Gaming. Even though Fnatic very easily steamrolled their opponents. TNC Predators did not have such easy games. Entity Gaming which consists of well known player Black^ managed to win 1 game against the predators. TNC Tigers, a team under the leadership of 1437 also managed to win 1 game against predators. TNC Predators look a bit shaky despite having a good year. Regardless Fnatic seems in good shape and can be expected to rise the SEA flag higher.

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Coming into the tournament the three favorites are Team Liquid, PSG.LGD & Virtus.Pro. These 3 teams have dominated this year. But The International is full of surprises and it would not come across as a shock if none of these teams manage to win the final prize. All the 18 teams competing seem to be in their top form. This year’s International is going to be epic, especially with the current meta these games can be expected to be very action-packed. Congratulations to all the teams who qualified for The International and the Dota 2 community for having such an amazing year.

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