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PUBG Training Mode is Available In Public Test Servers For XBOX One, New Reward System


As PUBG PC players have already got Training mode in-game along with Android and IOS, XBOX one is the last one in the list to receive this mode through Public Test Server. Xbox One players have been looking forward to this mode since it has been few days it released on another version of the game where you can practice in private.

What Is PUBG Training Mode?

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds Training Mode is a part of the game where 5-20 players can practice against each other in a 2×2 island map released solely for this mode. There is no objective in this mode, you just drop in the map and practice your skills against friends or squad members. This island map has a shooting range and race track where you can find various weapons and vehicles to try them all out while practising.

How to play PUBG Training Mode?

In order to start PUBG training mode, you have to look for a button in PUBG PTS lobby that has been added in the latest patch. A single PUBG training mode match lasts for 30 minutes to practice anything that you want to do. And there is respawn enabled so you won’t have to worry about other players to grief over not able to kill you.

How to Get PUBG training Mode on XBOX One?

PUBG training mode is available for every single player out there who has PUBG on their Xbox One console. In order to get PUBG training mode just head on to Microsoft Store and search ‘PUBG Test Server’. Install and play PUBG training mode on the Xbox One.

Here’s official video of Training mode in PUBG:

With PC Update #21 there were new changes released on how players will be rewarded for time spent in-game. There is a new supply system which now will grant you reward based on completed missions and playtime. This supply system works through a a survival gauge which fills with survival XP, and players who fill the bar get rewards when they level up. BP system will be restructured according to developers. It now takes both play time and ranking into account when offering rewards. Previously, it looked at rankings only. Another major change was if a player is playing Solo in a squad game he won’t receive four time the BP.

With the update a new AR weapon called the MK47 Mutant. It can be found on all maps as a world spawn. The update also brings numerous bug fixes, performance tweaks, and UI changes. You can read the full patch notes here.

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