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PUBG On PS4 is Finally Releasing, A Korean Site Leaked


PS4 players can rejoice now as a recent leak for PS4 games around the internet is suggesting that Player Unknown Battleground (PUBG) may be coming to PlayStation 4.

IGN published an article claiming the Korean Game Rating and Administration Committee had PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds PS4 on their rating boards. This committee is responsible for rating video games according to their age appropriateness. And if PUBG has appeared on their boards that means it is highly likely for the game to release on console now.

This famous Battle Royale game was released on March 2017 for PC and after that, it came on PS4 on December 2017. Free to Play PUBG Mobile was released on March 2018 for both IOS and Android. Everyone knew that next in line is PUBG releasing on PS4 and here it is.

PUBG has been a huge hit on IOS and Android with over 100 million downloads on mobile and over 50 million copies sold on PC and Xbox combined. However, both of the parties including PUBG developers and Sony has refrained from commenting on it.

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