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PUBG Mobile Season 4 Royal Pass, New Skins And New Features


PUBG Mobile Season 3 is over now and season 4 is coming in a few days. Developers of the game already hinted towards upcoming season 4 through their official twitter. PUBG Mobile season 3 ended on 18th November. Now what every PUBG player awaits is Season 4 of the game, lets find out when PUBG season 4 is going to get released and what new things it will bring:

PUBG Season 4 Release Date

To download data for season 4 of PUBG, players have to wait until 20 November and after downloading the new patch get access to Season 4 on November 21. November 21 is expected to be the release date of Season 4 of PUBG Mobile for every player.

You must note that either you are new player or old your stats of previous season i.e. Season 3 rankings and scores wont matter in the new season 4. Every player in the world will start with a blank canvas which means you can try hard to rank higher than your previous season rank. With new patch in season 4 developers promised players there will be some changes including different game scenarios, improved maps and new features.

PUBG Season 4 Royal Pass

pubg-royale-pass-season-4With new season comes a new Royal Pass for season 4 and new things are coming with it. These things are expected to come with new Royal Pass Season 4:

  • Missions
  • Weapons
  • Special Vehicles

Tencent gaming also announced new firearm finishes, outfit rewards, new character faces and hairstyles with Royal Pass. Elite Pass is going to reward players with 600 UCs along with other rewards. Other benefits to Elite pass owners are discounted items that can be purchased with BP and RP.

New Weapons In Season 4 PUBG

M762 Automatic Rifle

M762 will be first gun that is going to be included in game in season 4 of PUBG. This gun will have single shot, triple shot and full-auto firing modes with 7.62mm ammo. You can find this gun in every map.

M762 Automatic RifleWhats More Coming In PUBG Season 4


PUBG-scooterA vehicle which can accommodate 2 players will be available in game with the new season 4. But the vehicle is only exclusive to Sanhok.

Weather Changes

PC features are coming in mobile now including weather changes which were in PC version of the game for so long. In Sanhok map where dynamic weather is a specialty in mobile app climate will change between sunny, rain and foggy.

Hardcore Mode

  • No Audio Cues
  • No Footsteps
  • Fight With Instinct And Reflexes

PUBG announcement season 4

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