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PUBG Levels And XP Explained – How To Level Up Fast in PUBG


As event pass system of PUBG was introduced, XP and levels were also introduced changing the form of progression in the game. Here we are going to explain how you can earn XP fast and level up easily.

PUBG LEVELS And XP Explained

XP system was introduced solely for Event Pass and there are a lot of ways with which you can earn XP in PUBG. The first event pass was introduced based on Sanhok which offered “an item set that fits the map Sanhok thematically”. In order to earn these rewards which are offered at each level in Event Pass, you have to earn XP through various missions which are provided to you daily or weekly.

Mission Screen Looks Like This In PC

PUBG-event-challengesHere we have missions which appear daily, missions that appear for Sanhok only and some missions that are weekly. Each level has different rewards for both Event Pass owners and non-event pass owners.

The max level in event pass for a particular season is 30 but this time in season 4 there are 100 levels. A Redditor named NMID figured out that in order to reach level 100 and earn all rewards you have to complete 82 percent of all Missions including daily missions too.

How To Open Mission Screen In PUBG Mobile

PUBG-Mobile-HomeJust Click on That RP button on the right in Home screen of PUBG after you log in and you will be taken to missions screen.


There are a lot of ways with which you can earn XP in PUBG and level up fast. Here’s a list of those ways:

Play Matches: This is the most boring way of earning XP in PUBG as 5 minutes of survival in a match offers 2XP. Apart from that, there is a cap of 80XP a day on earning XP through playing matches.

Complete Weekly Missions: There are certain missions that available in PUBG to earn XP and this one is the fastest way of earning XP in PUBG. There are weekly missions in the game which offers XP according to their difficulty level. This simply means the harder the mission the more XP it will offer.

Week 1 Mission For Season 4 Royal Pass :

  • Add 3 Friends: 100 RP
  • Open 3 Air Drops: 100 RP
  • Travel Over 30000m In A Vehicle: 100 RP
  • Land On Top Of Any Building In Pochinki 3 Times: 50 RP
  • Complete 3 Clan Trainings: 50 RP
  • Get A Lv. 3 Backpack in 10 Matches: 50 RP
  • Complete 10 Matches With Friends: 50 RP


Week 2 Missions For PUBG Players:

  • Get A Lv. 3 Helmet in 10 Matches: 50 RP
  • Land On Top Of Any Building in The Quarry 3 Times(Sanhok): 50 RP
  • Kill 20 Enemies in The Military Base: 50 RP
  • Kill 3 Enemies With OBJ in Any Mode: 50 RP
  • Kill 20 Enemies With M416 – 50 RP
  • Finish In The Top 3 Twice With Friends In Classic Mode – 50 RP

There are Daily Challenges too which pop up to give you different rewards if you complete them within a set time frame. E.g. Complete 10 Missions To Get A Crate.

Daily Missions: Other than weekly missions there are daily missions and challenge missions which you can complete daily to earn RP in order to level up faster in PUBG. But these daily missions have a time frame of 3 days. If you are unable to complete the daily missions in 3 days, they disappear and a new one replaces them.


Level Up: Yes there are some levels in Royale pass that offers you XP as rewards.


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