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PUBG Best Loot Locations in Erangel : Where to Find The Best Loot In PUBG


In PUBG there is loot almost every location but once you get used to playing the game a lot, you will realize there are some places which provide better loot than other locations which you can use to dominate over other enemy players.

These Best PUBG loot locations remain unchanged despite drop zones or flight paths and have what you want from the location what you went there for lots of loot, lots of players, a good chance to get killed before you even start.

So we are going to discuss best loot locations in PUBG in this following list in map Erangel:

PUBG loot locations – where to find the best loot on Erangel

1. Sosnovka Military Base:

  • Loot Quality: Very High
  • Loot Quantity: Very High
  • Risk Of Dying: Very High

Let’s start with the location which has consistent quality of providing best loot in Erangel map in PUBG. You can find all the high-quality stuff here including scopes, level 3 kevlar vests, and helmets. This location is best of the other locations because it has the best weapons in PUBG and ammo for all your team. And once you get good weapons you can just win over the other enemy team that has landed in the same place as you.

2. Mylta Power (and mini Power)

  • Loot quality: Very High
  • Loot quantity: High
  • Risk: Medium

This place is famous for the loot that includes sniper equipment and level 3 items almost the same loot as the Military base. This location is among the best loot locations in PUBG because it is near Mansion, Prison, and Shelter which also have high-quality loot.

3. School

  • Loot Quality: High
  • Loot Quantity: High
  • Risk Of Dying: Very High

This place is the second most famous place after pochinki because of its location at the centre of the map. Most of the players just jump in here to get the best weapons in the game and fight their way to the top to get the Chicken Dinner. Mostly the skilled players land here on the map to test their skills in the hard conditions so if you want to check your skills just land here and get high-quality loot to win over enemies.

4. Prison

  • Loot Quality: Very High
  • Loot Quantity: Medium
  • Risk Of Dying: High

We have included this location in this list not because it has the best loot in PUBG but it has the loot and has a location best suited to provide you good spot while fighting enemies lander near this location. Prison is surrounded by mountains and after looting a good quality of weapons from here you can just get on the rocks and fight with others.

5. Pochinki

  • Loot Quality: High
  • Loot Quantity: Very High
  • Risk Of Dying: Very High (Suicide)

The most famous location on the map where I suggest you never land, because of the high risk of dying here. As soon as you touch the land you will get into a fight with another enemy that may have landed here to get the loot that you want which we are suggesting in this loot is best in the whole map. The high quality and high quantity of loot is the reason most of the players in match land here.


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