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PPD Reveals NA Dota Challengers League


Give it up for the man Peter Dager for finally thinking about the players who have a huge potential but lack opportunity. Former TI Winner and captain of Team Optic has launched a new tournament in North America, NA Dota Challengers League.

Main Focus of this league will be to create a semi-professional tournament in North America. This would really help build the scene further and provide some really great aspiring players much needed exposure. Also, it would be an opportunity for these players to earn some income for their hard work.

Not only does it help bring more amateur players to the pro scene. But it will also give new casters a chance to prove themselves. Overall, you can expect much more talent coming out from this venture.

Everything you need to know

NA Dota Challengers League will officially start in October 2018. This league has been very well organized to run throughout the year at the same time it is made sure to never clash with any dates on the DPC calendar.

The format of NADCL is fairly simple. A qualification tournament will be held open for any NA player or team who is not being paid to play competitively. Out of this qualification, 8 teams will qualify who will then play in group-stages. Where 4 of these teams will enter into a best-of-three single elimination tournament.

One of the most interesting aspects of this tournament is the prize pool. As of now, nothing has been established. But it is said the prize will be distributed between all teams, from first to the last place, in a structured manner. So everyone gets a chance to win something.

This league is a huge stepping stone in the Dota 2 world. It would not be surprising to see more tournaments like this formed. Mainly supporting players who are aspiring to become professional Dota 2 players. Kudos to Mr. Dager and everyone involved for this awesome initiative.

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Guess beneath all that salt is PPD’s love for the NA Dota 2 Community.

You can watch all the NADCL games on their Twitch channel. For additional information including registration procedure, you can check out the NADCL Discord Channel and the official statement by the organization.


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