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Ninja’s Earning in 2018


Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins in an interview with CNN on New Year Eve revealed his earning in 2018, which he earned from the success of his career in Fortnite.

2018 was the most amazing year for Ninja as he boosted his way on the top of twitch rankings breaking all the records in twitch streaming till date. He ended the year with his twitch stream of a New Year Event organized with Epic Games live from Times Square in New York. Before the event he attended many interviews including interview with Jimmy Fallon explaining about his year 2018 and year end celebration.

With his brief interview with CNN, Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins revealed something which everyone wanted to know. How much did he earn in 2018? It’s close to $10 million in 2018 including earnings from his Twitch and YouTube channel. He is not the one who always reveals his earnings but this time he did it just like in march he revealed that he was earning $500000 per month just from Twitch subscribers and YouTube ad money.

CNN report About Ninja Says :

Ninja is, literally, killing it. The 94,958 Fortnite kills he had racked up at last check have helped him earn what he says is close to $10 million this year. Blevins and his colorful hair (neon red at the time of this interview) have become a cultural phenomenon, and his skills and personality have helped make Fortnite the behemoth that it is — one that drove its company, Epic Games, to a reported profit of $3 billion this year.

Ninja has set various records in 2018 which includes 667,000 viewers during his Ninja Vegas Event in April which is most by any single streamer on twitch. Reaching 10 Million Youtube subscribe and getting awarded as one of the fastest growing YouTube channel.

And final event of Ninja x Epic Games featured various good names from the Fortnite game including TimTheTatMan, DrLupo, and CourageJD. Some of the other featured players were football star Neymar Jr. and Detroit Lion NFL players playing Fortnite alongside Ninja in Times Square in New York.

Apart from Ninja’s earning let’s see how good year it was for Epic Games. Just from Item shop and battle pass sales in 2018 Epic Games earned around $3 billion this year in profits. The year 2018 was a huge success for both Ninja and Fortnite which is going to be more better in the year 2019.

Their 14 Days of Fortnite event was a huge success too where people get were awarded various items each day after completing various challenges revealed in 14 days.

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