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New Things Introduced In Fortnite Season 7


Fortnite Season 7 is here and like every other season Fortnite has introduced new things this season 7 too. Here is a list of all the new changes in Fortnite which are introduced in Season 7 which is either unlockable through Battle Pass progression or in-game:

1. Skins

Skins that are included in Battle Pass this season are similar to the previous two seasons, the first tier gives you two skins one of those is progressive. Tier 100 gives you another progressive skin which has customized modes unlocked at different XP levels.

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Fortnite-Season-7-skins2. New Pets

This season 7 welcomes two new pets in game one is Hamirez the hamster and Remus the dog. Much cuter than the previous pets Hamirez comes with variant designs. However, Remus the dog has only two variants other one is an icy snow dog.

Fortnite-season7-pets3. Wraps

Now, this is what players have been asking for so long. Similar to skins for weapons in CS:GO, Fortnite introduced wraps for weapons and vehicles. Now as you level up in Fortnite you can unlock wraps for weapons and vehicles which can distinguish you from other players. Dropped weapon or unused vehicles will change its appearance according to wrap you have selected in the locker.

Fortnite-season-7-wrapsfortnite-wraps-quadcrasher-season-7 The trailer has already shown how they look in game and above are some screenshots too. For players, those who loved weapon camo in games will surely love this addition.

4. X-4 Stormwing Fighter Jet

By far the best thing and major change that has been introduced this season, a fighter plane that can carry five players in it. Yeah, now you can air strike someone or get ready for dogfights in the sky. As trailer already introduced some clips on how dogfights are gonna be. Reddit is already filled with players taking trick shots from the jet and getting into team fights with Jet.

So you wanna know where to find these jets on the map. The most common place to find X-4 Stormwing Fighter Jet in Fortnite is Frosty Flights. Yeah, the place is named Frosty Flights so it must have jets for you.

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Frosty-Flights-jets5. Map Changes

A gigantic snow storm hit the map and there are changes all around the maps which you can see once you enter the game. Three new named locations are introduced on the lower left side of the map – Frosty Flights, Polar Peak, Happy Hamlet.

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Fortnite-season-7-map6. Ziplines

The second teaser of Fortnite hinted towards Zip Line and here they are in Season 7. You can now use Zip Lines to move from one place to another in Fortnite. Below is a map which points out all locations of zip line in Fortnite.

Image via u/Zargothrax

Fortnite is now available on Xbox One, PlayStation 4, PC, Nintendo Switch, and select mobile devices. As season 7 has started now, what is that you liked the most? Join the conversation in the comment section or hit us over on twitter: @esportsrush7

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