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Top Teams in NA LCS, EU LCS, LCK, LPL Leaderboards

A brief overview on the current state of the NA LCS, EU LCS, the LCK and LPL




The North American Championship series has recently been turned over its head with newly formed teams challenging the veterans and more often than not, winning. This has resulted in teams which often only faced off in the semis getting knocked out in group stages itself. Such is the case with CLG, the team has had a heartbreaking season with Aphromoo leaving the teams to create 100 Thieves. The North American giants failed to make it to the Semis for the very first time since their formation in 2010. There are rumors floating around about a possible disbanding of the team after Darshan’s mic check wherein he quoted ‘Well, it’s a been good run guys. Hope to see you soon.”


The NA LCS has also been witness to the booming success of one of the newly formed teams, 100 Thieves. Their roster looks really strong on paper and delivers in real time with

  • Ssumday in the top lane
  • Anda in the jungle
  • Ryu playing mid lane
  • Cody sun as the ad carry and
  • Aphromoo playing the role of a support

The team will be playing FlyQuest on August 27th for a spot in the quarterfinals.



With G2 recently losing to Misfits the EU LCS is in a tumult. Misfits will be facing Fnatic on 1st of September and perchance Fnatic loses the bout, it will be the first time in the history of EU LCS that G2 and FNC will not be making an appearance in the Quarterfinals.


On the other side of this semi-final is Team Vitality versus FC Schalke 04. The winners of the two will advance to the Finals in Madrid. It is quite apparent the game is changing very quickly. Stability and stagnation are two vastly different ideas and neither sit well with the game anymore. The game has sent out a decree. ‘Keep up or leave‘, Teams which haven’t kept up with the strategies in vogue have seen questionable losses against teams which were far more adaptable.


Speaking about history being rewritten, one cannot overlook the fact that SK Telecom will not be appearing for playoffs this summer. The Three-time world champions are now 7th on the leaderboard with their rivals KT Rolster currently at first place.


The finals between Griffin and KT airs on 8th September. If the underdogs manage to topple the pros in the final it would be a message that might just be relayed throughout the League championship series worldwide.


Unlike the former three championships, the ruckus is slightly mitigated when it comes to China. Currently, Invictus Gaming holds first place in GroupA. JD gaming is at second place. Rogue gaming holds first place in GroupB. TopSports gaming has clinched second place. Royal Never Give Up is however surprisingly at fourth place in group A and Edward gaming at third in GroupB.


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