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Morgana – The Fallen Angel

A guide to playing Morgana as a support


Morgana isn’t a champion that’s recommended for people fairly new to the game however feel free to try her out if she looks like someone you’d have fun playing! Kayle’s arch- nemesis, Morgana is a really big threat down in the bot lane and if played right can carry even as a support. Players like Hakuho, Wolf , Mithy have all experienced great success with the champion. Morgana has a reasonably straight forward skillset, which however are quite challenging to land.


About Morgana

Morgana’s Q is the Dark Binding. Casting the spell causes a large projectile to traverse toward the direction casted. The first enemy it finds is rooted for a maximum of 3 seconds which as we know in League of Legends, is a very long time. The ability is usually leveled up first and is used to harass the enemy champions out of the lane.However careful usage of this ability is advised as it costs a large amount of mana. Landing Morgana’s Q would take some practice as it ultimately is a projectile and the range of the skill shot takes some getting used to.

Morgana’s W is Tormented Soil. The fallen angel curses the soil causing it to smoulder and damage any enemies that step on the same. Tormented soil can be used as a follow up for Q or even as a means to zone the enemy when they have too much dive potential. A Q+W combo deals a really large chunk of damage early game and can make for some really incredible trades. The downside of this of course is the mana, so when using this means to harass make sure there is some outcome from the damage done.


Morgana’s E is probably one of the most sought after abilities in game – Spell immunity. Against heavy ability based champions like Vel’Koz and Brand, the ability plays a pivotal role in turning the tide in team fights. The only time you may really want to use this on yourself is when you need to cast your ultimate and the enemy team has some form of cc available. Mostly the correct way to use this is to cast it on the player in your team who has the most dive potential or simply the tank. This ability can also be correctly timed to negate silences, stuns and slows.

Morgana’s R is Soul Shackles. Upon casting the ability, Morgana latches on to all the targets in a vicinity around her and after a brief duration stuns all latched targets. Soul shackles is a really great follow up cc however it must only be used to engage when you are sure the enemy has no cc to dish out or you have a safe counter for their cc. ( Black Shield, Zhonyas, Flash) The ultimate can be a game changer in teamfights, slowing and stunning large number of champions and giving your team time slots to capitalize on the same.

Morganas Passive is Soul Siphon which grants spell vamp – Healing whenever ability damage is caused.


How to play Morgana
  • Early game – Morgana’s early game should be as aggressive as is possible. You are arguably the one of the strongest champions in the bottom lane level one. As a support you would go for a standard spell-thief and pots start. Try to proc your support item as much as you can, spamming W if the opponents play too passively. You would usually start Q first, however if you have a bad feeling about the game W is a good starting spell too. Use your Level 2 power spike ( The first wave and three melee minions of the second wave.) well as it can easily chunk down one-fourth of the opponents HP. This makes it easier for your AD carry to farm and harass.


  • Mid Game – If you have the mastery ‘Perfect Timing‘ your stop watch will spawn around this time. Be careful during the mid game as mid game is not easy for her. Play passively until level 6. Post 6 with a stopwatch in your pocket feel free to go as ham as you want. Once you have your ulti, if you have played your early game well, there is no reason for you to lose lane anymore. . . even if the jungle roams bot. You may use your lead to exert pressure on the neighboring lanes since mid game is usually the time you will have ‘Boots of mobility.’ in your inventory. By mid game you should have boots as well as Remnant of the watchers in your inventory. Try to upgrade your remnant into an eye of the watchers as soon as possible and pick up a sweeper.


  • Late Game – Late game is probably the most fun you can have on this champion. This is because you would have a zhonyas and also possibly a Deathcap by this time. Alongside your Black shield and zhonyas, it should ideally be impossible to avoid your ultimate if you place it correctly.

Hope you learnt a bit from this article. If you have any questions do ask them in the comments below. I’ll try to answer them in the best way I can. Thank you! ^_^