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The following interview was carried by Esportsrush on the 6th of January 2019.

Before we begin, I just wanted to thank you guys so much for taking the time to do this interview. We’re really grateful!

So, lets start with the techcrunch disrupt interview in 2016. I believe there were around 13,000 gamers in queue in the waiting list. How has that number changed over the past two years?

We have grown very fast thanks to the League of Legends community. We now have more than 900,000 registered users.  

I reckon this provides a much more accurate analysis than traditional coaching if you factor in the human tendency to get exhausted, speaking of which I remember you saying In- game data was just the first step. How far have you guys come to analysing the other to spheres ( Cognitive and Physiological data)?

The dream was always to combine every single data point from every source that we can get our hands on. My background is in human performance physiology, and I love digging into the details that underpin everyone’s ability to perform. Right now we are focused on in-game data leveraging Riot’s API, since there is so much we can gathering from this information stream, but we have developed features to physically help players get better at League, like our Mobalytics Proving Ground mini game which focuses on cognitive performance specific to players of League and MOBA games.
Eventually, we will be able to tie in your results from that product into the way we coach you to your goals.

So the performance index ( GPI ) of the players, which is now visible in the league client as well essentially points out areas that gamers can improve. The open beta takes this a step further and provides you advice on how to get those numbers up. How is the premium version different from the open beta?

I think it’s important to understand what our patented Gamer Performance Index (GPI) is and how it differs from other similar offerings, even Riot’s own in-client feedback system. We are not just displaying your stats in a visual way. We are actually calculating different skills that we have studied and hypothesized to be essential to player performance.

Our goal is to provide people with actionable advice to reach their goals.  We help League players by telling them what to do to reach their in-game goals. With the premium features, you can easily track your progress over time and across different situations. We are adding individualized lesson plans very soon, and they will adjust to your data and goal and guide you step by step to where you want to be.

Have you considered partnerships with Riot officially? Having this weaved in to the game client itself would be very cool.

We currently work with Riot as an API partner but we see an opportunity to contribute to the community of League of Legends players worldwide by helping them along their individual journeys to master the game and we think that this can have a tremendous effect on player enjoyment and engagement in all things League.

What are your goals for the long run as a company?

We want to become the go-to-place for all players who want to be better, have a high quality gaming experience, and want to be a part of a supportive community. No matter the game or the goal, you can trust us to give you a roadmap to reach your in-game potential instead of googling your way to mediocrity through tons of content of varying standards out there.

We want our Gamer Performance Index (GPI) to be the standard for the entire games industry when we think about measuring player performance and growth. Simple stats are not enough to describe the complex games that we play, and the GPI is like a fingerprint index that describes what you play and how you play it.

So I’m from India and gamers from the SEA region aren’t able to access the open beta either as the server isn’t listed. Do you plan on including SEA later?

Absolutely. Sadly, you are not the first to ask. We have had a huge Garena following for a while now. Sadly, this Is not up to us as we are waiting on the API to be available in your region.

Are there any particular incidents you’d like to share with the readers about the improvements of gamers who have used this software?

Sure! We have so much people who have reached out and we even have a series we publish regularly with stories. Here are some of the best quotes:

Teemo ßøŧ, NA:

With Mobalytics, I learned how to push advantages further and solidified my play. It only took me three or four weeks to get to Gold IV.

Roguë, NA:

Before using Mobalytics I was Gold I. My current rank is Diamond IV. I use Mobalytics every game. Seeing the small improvements or declines in certain areas helps me adjust before going into my next game.

My favorite feature is the GPI. Being able to glance at it and see where I’m, lacking and what I need to improve on is really helpful to me. Plus, I like filling out the graph completely and trying to make everything nice and even across the board.

Are there any future plans for assessing toxicity in game and including those in areas for improvement?

We are of the firm belief that people who understand their strengths, weaknesses, and limitations are are more self-aware when it comes to in game toxicity. Frustration and the ensuing toxicity is usually a result of believing you are better than you actually are or if you are in an unreasonable skill deficit. Lashing out at others when your frustrated is an understandable response to that, and can be amplified by the anonymity of the internet and the high amounts of emotions in the game.

Being able to overcome your challenges and grow makes people better humans and less prone to toxic behavior. It also makes them more compassionate towards their fellow players who are in the situation where they were. It’s easier to say “Hey, I’ve been there and I know how you feel. Here’s what I did….”. Communities change when individuals change and influence those around them, the network effect. We know our platform can help.

I actually really liked your comparison of gamers to fighter pilots, it does tend to give a sense of importance. I know this is a slightly vague question but how is casual gaming different from pro play?

This is a good question. It’s more like the difference between a profession baseball player and someone who casually plays with their friends. Besides the actual visible display of skill and athleticism, the software not the hardware that powers these individuals is completely different. People talk about reflexes and micro a lot, but lots of studies have been shown that professional baseball players don’t have better reflexes than the average college student. Instead it’s the way their brain works that lets them hit the blinding 100 mph fastballs. Your brain is amazing, and by chunking information and establishing a foundation of expertise through repetition and practice, you are able to perform things the casual person didn’t even think were possible.

For example, a good league player sees more opportunities and branching pathways in each subconscious play that a casual player sees the entire game. In fact the casual person has not even mastered the basics enough to be on autopilot, so that they can start thinking about all the decisions that are important for the upper level game of League of Legends.

Is there anything you’d personally like to say to the readers of this article?

Since you are from India and a lot of your readers may be from Garena, I just want to say thank you. Thank you for all your support and all your feedback, all your demands even to those of you who can’t use our platform yet. You make us better at what we do.

Our promise is a platform that grows with you and gives you the best experience possible with a great community. We will do whatever it takes to keep making it more perfect.

Mobalytics is definitely different as compared to on deck coaching and other guide sites. We do think this is a really cool venture and its an idea with sound technology to back it up. Do let us know if you tried it out and if you have any previous experiences with Mobalytics of your own let us know in the comments!

Here’s the link for the site in case you want to check it out.


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