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LoL Itemization: Redemption



Redemption is an item doted upon by supports in all levels of gameplay. This is because the item has an incredible amount of utility in the base stats it provides and also the satisfying active it offers. The following article will attempt to explain the utility redemption has to offer both in laning as well as the team fighting phase.

About Redemption

Redemption is an item that scales with your heal power. The greater heal power you have the stronger the heal. This item can be used to turn the tide of team-fights giving your team a significant health lead while damaging enemy champions. The heals are greater the lower your hp is and therefore a correctly timed redemption has the potential to be one of the strongest item actives in game.



What is heal power?

Heal and shield power is an unofficial champion statistic that increases the effectiveness of heals and shields. It stacks additively.

Although not a basic item,  Forbidden Idol is the item from which the heal and shield power gold value of  35.416 per % heal and shield power is derived.

Heal power is the total healing ability your champion possesses. This includes outgoing as well as self-healing capacity. Life-steal and spell-vamp do not increase your heal power. Drain items viz. items that heal purely on damage percentage dealt and is independent of the type of damage, however, do increase the healing power quotient.

Given below is the list of types of healing in the game and which of them increase heal power.


Effective use of redemption.

As mentioned above, redemption scales with healing power. Items which increase healing power such as an Ardent Censer, Mikael’s Crucible and Forbidden idol can be purchased to increase the efficiency of this active. The maximum attainable heal power in the game, however, is 41% This can be attained on the purchase of redemption as well as salvation when you have an ornn on your team. Certain other methods to increase healing power is using the revitalize rune or purchasing a spirit visage.

Items that increase healing power percentage


Redemption heals for a larger amount if the said target is below 40% health as the revitalize runes proc increasing healing effects by 10%. One idea to employ is to purchase Salvation in place of redemption in case an Ornn is present on your team. Another unconventional idea is to sync the active ‘damage‘ portion of this item with a Rylai’s or a Liandrys, burning and slowing enemies.

The final aspect of redemption is the short duration of sight it offers ( 3 seconds). It can be used as a final resort of getting vision onto baron pit or dragon pit when there is a control ward in there. This also provides your jungler with a heal as he dives into the pit to make the steal.

Build path

The redemption build path is quite standard, with a forbidden idol and a bracer as your core items. On intensive healers like Soraka or Sona, picking forbidden idol first would be the ideal way to go as it provides the extra heal power making your natural heals strong as well. The slightly tanky path to this, of course, would be a bracer, used on mostly melee supports like Rakan. The item costs 2100 gold and therefore can easily be your second item in the mid-game.


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