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LoL Itemization: Randuins Omen

A brief on Randuins Omen, a defensive item in League of Legends




About Randuins

Randuins omen, the item named after ex- rioter Robin Randuin Liao is an item that has stood the test of time when other items failed. The reason this item has survived this long is simply the flexibility it offers. The item has a gold efficiency value of 78.18% without the passives and active. This item is not usually a starting item and may be built as a situational item in the early game. The item is however really good mid game and also scales well into the late game. The item is preferred on tanks or champions that do not have too much mobility and can get kited quite easily.

randuins omen
Person on the right is who randuins omen is named after

As earlier mentioned, this item is primarily a mid to late game item. You would want to buy this item second or third if you’re on the defensive as it can be a really handy game-changer when behind. If you plan on playing aggressive, this item should probably be your final defensive item in case you can’t decide what you want to get as the passive it has to offer can generally be quite handy. When your opponent is a heavy AD champion, building this item can prove to be quite beneficial to both the lane as well as the game. The item can be combined with movement speed items to take down runners as well.

Randuins Omen
Randuins Omen build path

Randuin: Defensive path

There are two possible ways to go about building this item. If you’re under heavy fire by the opponent who relies heavily on attack damage, build a Wardens Mail first. The way to play out this lane would be to avoid unnecessary poke and farm up till 1000 G. Once you have the resources go back and pick up a Wardens Mail. The item reduces your enemy attackers auto attack speed by 15 %. After purchasing the item go all in on the enemy laner. He would not be expecting the passive and would therefore not be ready for an engage. With the passive and the base armor the item provides you should do reasonably well in any further trades burning up the enemy’s sums or probably even winning the lane.

Randuins omen

Randuins: Sustain path

Another way of building this item is by increasing your hit-points to allow for greater sustain. This can be used on champions who have a predominant amount of spell vamp and healing as it allows them to heal back their entire hp and building up more health would inadvertently increase your sustain allowing you to trade and heal back more health than you normally would. Champions that would particularly benefit from this play-style could be Garen, Vladimir, Aatrox to name a few. The strategy is an extremely efficient and if you’re in a sustain lane it all comes down to who gets the giants belt first after all!

To summarize, the following is what Randuins Omen brings to the table:

    • Health (base stat)
    • Armor (base stat)
    • Reduced Crit damage
    • Attack speed reduction
    • AoE slow
Frozen heart
Frozen heart whose passive stacks with a Randuins passive

Advantages of Randuins Omen

Randuins does well with the following :

  • Frozen heart (Item): the Frozen heart has a unique aura which reduces the attack speed of nearby enemies by 27.75% Combined with a Randuins passive the couple can reduce up to 30% attack speed of all enemies that attack the particular champion. This is undoubtedly something quite interesting and can be capitalized on if utilized correctly.
  • Against champions that focus on crits for damage: Champions like Ashe, Tryndamere, and Graves that rely heavily on critical strikes for damage are brutally affected by the critical damage reduction at times even rendering them absolutely useless if they do not itemize correctly.
  • Dead man’s plate: Apart from a boost in the core tankiness of the item Dead man’s plate also offers increased movement speed which is great for picking out any pesky runners or providing additional gap closure. The item syncs really well with a Randuins and can be brought right after in mid-late game.

All in all the item is a really nice defensive item and should be picked up whenever feasible.

Randuins Omen
Randuins Omen cast radius

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