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League of Legends – Top 5 worst junglers of patch 8.13


League of Legends current Meta has completely changed the mechanics of the Summoners Rift. The bot lane has been shaken up, so the spotlight now comes to the jungle. So the purpose of this article is to tell you which champions you should avoid picking if you are looking to achieve success in your ranked conquest.

We present to you the champions which are the worst junglers of the 8.13 patch of League of Legends.

5. Elise

The early impact of Elise in the game in quite insignificant. The champion just takes too much time to clear the camps. As a result, Elise takes time to farm the necessary items which makes her unable to contribute in teamfights and the team suffers the consequences. The champion is currently unplayable in other roles. So it is likely that we won’t see her in the RIft for quite some time. 

Credits: MakeAGIF

4. Rammus

The tanky Junglers are not the best option to pick in the current Meta. So, one of the most reliable tanks of the game, Rammus is forgotten champion. Rammus was quite dominant when it came to demolishing bot lane. However, with the recent changes to the champions, the armour stats  and the ADC role, the champion has seen huge decline in popularity.

Credits: Tenor

3. Sejuani

The nerfs from the previous patches have finally gotten to Sejuani since Rift Scuttler is not the best neutral to farm. Although, when it come to crowd control Sejuani is one of the best picks, her lack of damage is what make her an unpopular option in the patch 8.13. Early game snowballing is the top priority of the Meta, and her lack of speed is just not cut for this or future patches of the game.

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2. Jarvan IV

Jarvan IV ability, Demacian standard has received a cooldown reduction, with 11 seconds at all levels. Moreover, the damage has also been increased but it only maximizes 240. Although this makes Jarvan a good jungler but its not the best of abilities when it comes ganking in the lane. So it will take Jarvan a lot of time to get the items needed for ganks and will reduce the team’s dominance.   

League of Legends
Credits: Riot Games

1. Rengar

Rengar should have dominated the patch. However, the hero has seen a decline in his pick rate as well as win rate. The current meta of Gold funneling, where the entire team supports a top a mid laner in the hope of winning the game have caused problems for Rengar in the patch. Riot is trying to solve this gold funneling strategy, meanwhile Rengar should be avoided as much as possible when picking a jungler.

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So it is in our best interest to provide you the best information when it come to League of Legends. Whether it is competitive news, patch or champion changes we are here to facilitate you in the best manner possible. This article should help you in the understanding of the League of Legends while improving your knowledge of the game.

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