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Itemization guide on Kimmy in mobile legends


Kimmy itemization guide
Kimmy, is a really mobile champion and as such is one that requires items that can provide a mix of CDR, movement speed and ability power in general. Given below is a list of items you can build along with the reasoning and situation for each item.


Boots are of course a basic necessity in any situation and in this case, the three boots that can be built are Arcane boots, Rapid boots and magic shoes. Purchasing each is primarily dependent on the situation.

Arcane boots if you’re pushed on the defensive, magic shoes to push your lead with the additional CDR and rapid shoes for ease in kiting.

Blade of despair

An item that synergises very well with Kimmy’s skillset. Not only does it boost base ad but it also provides an extra 10% damage on disabled opponents. This includes effects from Kimmy’s slow. The additional movement speed ( Attack speed conversion is just an added bonus.

Blood wings

For a more safer item blood wings is a really good pick. It increases your HP as well as ap providing you additional sustain in teamfights. This item is particularly useful against brawlers and high priority assassins. The additional HP ensures you cannot be burst down easily, forcing assassins to target other squishy champions.

Concentrated energy

Another sustain item, unlike Blood wings however, this item provides spell vamp and also allows for takedown HP.

Devils tears

If you build the above two items, especially in higher ranks. It’s unlikely that the enemy team will not build any Magic resistance. Devils tears prepares you for the chances that they build MR. This item provides magic penetration which scales with ability power. This passive allows it to synergise very well with concentrated energy and blood wings.

Feather of heaven

Providing you with AP and movement speed, this item also provides spell vamp. All in all its a really nice item that you should have in your item set in a standard game as it provides you with a bit of everything.

Glowing wand

Glowing wand causes your autos to burn providing a solid DoT. Along with the AP and magic pen its a solid item to have in your build and overall tends to amplify your lead when ahead. Of course, it is advised that you build this when you’re at least breakeven or have a significant lead. try not to build this when behind unless absolutely necessary.

Hunters strike

The attack damage and the 10%CDR is really effective and works very well on this champion. Ad to this the fact that your auto attacks increase movement speed, the item is perfect on a mobile champion like this one.

Lightning truncheon

Like hunters strike, this item also has a passive on consecutive auto attacks. Unlike Hunters strike, this causes a 150% damage increase on every third strike on an enemy.

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