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Itemization guide for Kai’Sa in League of legends



Kai’Sa: Daughter of the void

Kai’Sa is a champion who is known for being extremely mobile and as has been displayed multiple times now in professional play, her ability to carry teams on her back come late game. But this star-studded avatar takes a lot of time and effort to build up. Kai’Sa abilities depend primarily on her base stats. Those, in turn, depend on her items. ( Kind of like Viktor. . . No.) Taking this into account, the following article will list down all of the viable items that can be built on her and will try to cover the situations for each item.

Items to be built on Kai’Sa

Guinsoos Rageblade:

Rageblade shares the top spot alongside the reaver. This provides you stats for the evolution of both your Icathian rain as well as supercharger. This is usually your first item on this champion.The on-hit passive that this item offers can be devastating alongside something like a Runaans hurricane. In a team fight, casting your Icathian rain with maximum Guinsoos stacks and a Runaans is a recipe for utter decimation.

Phantom Dancer:

Phantom Dancer is easily one of the best items to buy on this champion when building ad on her. Its passive allows you to pass through units and the additional move speed that stacks up in percentage with supercharge makes chasing down opponents all the more easier.


Stormrazor is an insane item on Ka’isa. The damage output this item provides is crazy. It’s base stats include attack speed which would add up with your phantom dancer and base ad. Both of which contribute to different evolutions.

Banshees Veil :

An alternative to Edge of night, as of the current patch Banshees is the better buy among the two. If you want to build lethality on her however, edge of night should be your go to item. As her passive scales with Ap, the additional ability power you get on this item can be quite beneficial.

Nashors Tooth:

Again, if you plan on building an ap Ka’isa, this is an item you necessarily need to have. The stats it offers synergise really well with her requirements. The attack speed, cdr and the ability power ensures that your passive hurts like a truck and that your W hits hard and often.

Rabadons Deathcap:

Nothing says ability power better than a deathcap. With the percentage increase this provides, it really ups the ante on the remaining ap items you would purchase. Just remember, this item is to be built only if you plan on going full ap and not if its simply an attempt to evolve W.

Void staff:

This is a situational item.You can build this if the enemy team is stacking up mr, otherwise its pretty futile using up an item slot to build this.

Infinity Edge:

If you’re going ad the IE is a decent item to build for the damage it provides. If there are some defensive items you need however, you could swap them in for this and still do well because of your remaining items.

Blade of the ruined king:

A really fun item to have on this champion. This along with a BT makes you virutally invincible for three seconds and is great for singling out and decimating targets.

Wits end:

Wits end is a good alternative to the void staff, offering attack speed and stealing mr. this can be built on an ap build when the enemy team doesn’t have as much resistance built up. The attack speed you have can be used to shred the enemy teams mr rendering their resistance unviable. However, you have to remember that this is a flat reduction and therefore is not advisable against teams with heavy mr.

Zhonyas Hourglass:

Who doesn’t like going golden? Seriously this is good stuff. With the . . . armor it provides. You can go golden.

Runaans Hurricane:

This would be a good item to buy in order to compliment the Rageblade. Allowing you to hit multiple enemies at the same time allows you to proc your passive more. That, in turn, allows you to access your full potential in a team fight wherein each auto is equivalent to three.

Ludens Echo:

Another interesting item you can buy. Ludens echo provides aid for your void seeker, allowing it to deal bonus damage at 100 stacks. This combined with a Rabadons Deathcap is enough to evolve your void seeker which can stack to a crazy amount of AP damage, obliterating enemies that aren’t ready for it.


Likely to be your last item, this one is a very debatable choice since there are a number of options to choose from. If you’re well ahead and fancy that additional hp shield, go nuts. If you aren’t confident, build something safer. That being said, this is an amazing item to increase the damage output on your auto attacks. Since the lifesteal it provides is on hit, that means you can heal a ton of hp with a single auto making you, on paper, unkillable.

Maw of Malmortius:

The slightly more boring AP version to the bloodthirster in that it increases your survivability in the game against high burst mages such as a Ryze, Veigar or an overfed Zoe. Build this item partway and complete it later on, similar to Bloodthirster. Make sure you get the most out of your hexdrinker though.

Edge of night:

Primarily a lethality build item, it provides you spell immunity for six seconds. You can up the ante on your ultimate by using this alongside an essence reaver to negate the initial cc as well as burn through enemies. The serrated dirk in its build can be built early on leaving this to be somewhere at the fifth position in your itemization. This has really good synergy with your supercharge as well allowing you to sift through the enemy lines wreaking havoc.

Guardians angel:

Of course, we cannot forget the invariable part a GA has in the day to day activities of a summoner on the rift. Everyone wants a +1 UP in the game and when you’re an 800 HP nuke that goes waltzing straight into the backline. . . yeah. . . you need this.

Mercurial Scimitar:

This item has astounding synergy when built into an Edge of night along with a reaver and a guardians angel. With the initial QSS in its build path, the item allows you to avoid crowd control from early on in the game. Along with that, the movement speed it provides is a nice addition as well.

For Boots, using Berserkers Greaves or Ninja Tabi is a really good fit depending on whether you are the predator or prey in game. Berserkers also allows you to complete your supercharger evolution which makes it a really nice addition.

I hope you liked this article. Feel free to use these items as you see fit in game and do check out the Kai’Sa gameplay guide that will be dropping soon on the site as well. See you on the rift!

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