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Is Fortnite Really A PUBG Clone? Is The Lawsuit Even Worth?

Fortnite Is Everything But Its Not A PUBG Copy


Fortnite under PUBG radar

There was news a few days back that PUBG is continuing with its lawsuit against Fortnite devs Epic. Regarding Fortnite being a copy of PUBG. The claim is that they have copyright over the Battle Royale mode and it is totally a copyright infringement by Fortnite. “This is a measure to protect our copyrights,” a PUBG rep told Bloomberg.

What those copyrights are yet to be seen. Adding to this BBC states that PUBG is claiming about Fortnite copying its weapon design and user interface too.

The irony is that PUBG is built with Unreal Engine which is licensed by Epic. Who PUBG is accusing of copyrights infringement. But what PUBG Devs are claiming is that Epic saw the success of PUBG Battle Royale made with their Unreal Engine and created their own Fortnite Battle Royale with the same engine making it free to play for everyone. Now Epic has made millions of dollars with just cosmetic items in-game and they have crossed 125 million total players on their way to become the most popular game on the planet in the past few months.

Its totally clear that Epic took the opportunity to capitalize PUBG’s success. But the case that PUBG has filed against Fortnite is not worth both of their time. While people might view it as PUBG being jealous of Fortnite’s success.


Fortnite Unreal Engine
Fortnite | Epic Games

Claims made by PUBG

The case here states that PUBG has copyright over the whole Battle Royale Mode. But that is just like copyrighting a concept of MOBA or MMO on a large scale. To be fair that is just useless claim they are making here as they just can’t explain what is “theirs” in the whole Battle Royale mode. And how are they going to explain what is unique and not similar to what they have. Also, Fortnite has another aspect that makes it much different from PUBG and that is Building mechanic, on which the whole game is based upon.

Now their claim about “Weapons and UI”, again a useless claim. As there are a majority of weapons based on real-life weapons such as FAMAS, SCAR, M4 and many more. And about UI and interface the mini-map, the compass and hotkeys for weapons, these are out in games for so long. PUBG needs a good law team to win all these copyright claims.


Video Game industry was always like this since the start. Not a long time ago every first person shooter game was a “DOOM copy”. And if we are talking about games that clone of each other then League of Legends is much similar to DOTA than Fortnite is to PUBG.

Although what Epic has done by creating Fortnite: Battle Royale with the same engine is truly Immoral and PUBG genuinely believe they have been wronged in a way. This is the case PUBG has to prove in the court.

But if we take into consideration somehow PUBG wins the case against Fortnite then DOTA should sue League of Legends, Borderlands should sue Destiny, Battlefield should sue COD but that is never going to benefit anyone.

In the Video Game history, this game has been the strongest case and this is yet to evolve with time. In the meantime, we can all agree on one fact that Fortnite is a better game than PUBG.

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