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How to win games in lol with Ardent censer


Ardent censer

That one item that is every ad carries deepest wish. The item that makes you the most lovable support in the game and does an equally good job of instilling stress in your opponents game play style: The Ardent Censer.

Ever since it’s release in the item has performed consistently in the bot lane. It is an item that makes passive healers like Soraka or Janna key threats in the game. The item not only allows them to heal or shield for additional amount, but the shielded ally does additional damage as well.

Build path

The Ardent Censer follows a very orthodox build path of forbidden idol and aether wisp. With an additional 650 gold, these unappealing items are molded into one of the strongest items in the game.

The passive ‘frenzy’ is one of the best buffs you could give your teammates. Coupled with their core builds it ultimately results in a stark lead with same gold value.

As with all items that hold the coveted heal power stat ( to know more about heal power check out the articles on gunblade and redemption) this trait must be capitalized on to the maximum extent.

Item usage

The item is primarily a mid game item which tends to occupy the fourth item slot. Frenzy’s item passive is very strong in the late game when your carries have sufficient damage. Early game however, there are dozens of items that outscale the Ardent in terms of exerting lane pressure and general efficiency.

The item procs with Shields and heals, champions with low cool-down Shields and heals do very well with this item. This is primarily a support oriented item, however, cases of an Ardent heimerdinger or Morgana in the mid lane is not too uncommon either.

Playing around the Ardent would basically mean linking the item to your shield ability. Everytime you cast a shield assume the Ardent is active and play accordingly.

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