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How to win games as Urgot in LoL


There was a time, three years ago when urgot was the least played champion in League of Legends. Following his rework, the dreadnought turned into one of the most scary monsters in the game. The champion has dominated both SoloQ as well as the LCS.

Urgot is a champion that does well in the bottom lane as well as the top lane. Achieving his complete damage output however takes practice. If played correctly, the champ can thrive irrespective of the meta.

Urgots abilities

  • Echoing Flames:

    Urgot’s basic attacks and Purge periodically trigger blasts of flame from his legs, dealing physical damage. The vital part to Urgots damage output. Practice hard to ensure you land burst damage from all six legs.

  • Corrosive charge:

    Fires an explosive charge at the target location, dealing physical damage and slowing enemies caught in the explosion. The important aspect is this triggers a lock on for purge. ensure you have follow up after the corrosive charge and that you can dodge the enemy’s cc.

  • Purge:

    Urgot shields himself, slowing himself while he unloads his weapon on nearby enemies. Prioritizes enemy champions Urgot has recently struck with other abilities and triggers Echoing Flames. The important part here is this procs your passive. Again, ensure you get charges off all six legs to maximise the efficency of purge.

  • Disdain:

    Urgot charges in a direction, trampling non-champion enemies. If he catches an enemy champion, he will stop and hurl them out of his way. This is especially useful as it can sometimes be hard to get charges off your hind legs. Disdain does just that. Flinging enemies behind you procs your hind leg passive getting you the final charge.

  • Fear beyond death :

    Urgot fires a chem-drill that impales the first enemy champion hit. If that champion falls below a health threshold, Urgot judges them weak and can execute them. The minute you see a red target on your opponents structure, do not hesitate to fire the ultimate as it can rope in an easy kill and also fear the surrounding enemies.


Urgot playstyle

As Urgot you would take Cull as your first item which inadvertently means you need to focus on farming up for the late game. The reason behind picking the cull is that it gives 3 hitpoints back on hit and when your W is cast, you tend to regain quite a bit of hp simply by auto attacking in the early game.

There are various combos you can execute. Without your ultimate, the most favourable combo is to E on to an enemy when they move up for Cs, follow this up with an immediate Q onto the stunned enemy and then W them to deal quite a large amount of damage.

The combo with your ultimate is similar to this one except that after you E, you throw out your ultimate at the stunned enemy and immediately follow up with a Q W combo letting your ultimate maul them in the end.


Items that work well with Urgot are:

Black cleaver: In most cases this is your first item unless you are getting camped by the enemy jungle to the point that it becomes difficult to farm.

Boots : Buy Tabi or Mercs depending on whether the team is focus ap or ad.

Warmogs/ Spirit visage : Late game you are probably one of the best juggernauts currently. These items ensure the enemy team does their best to avoid you allowing an easy purge onto the enemy.


As urgot you would run Sorcery/ Domination with Aery as your primary rune. Given below is a sample rune page but feel free to improvise!

Hey I hoped you liked this article. There’s a lot of champion guides on the site, check out guides on Akali and Hecarim! If you want to check out some really cool item descriptions click here. Find out why Caps is currently playing so well here! If there’s any feedback you’d like to offer please mention it in the comments below. Thank you and see you on the rift!

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