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How to win games as Miya in mobile legends


Miya may not be the ideal pick as you dive deeper into pro play. The reason behind this is that the champion demands a high amount of motion to avoid getting locked down.

What spells to choose

To get out of a hard cc chain that might possibly kill you, a flicker may come in handy. If you are confident in your kiting prowess feel free to take inspire or sprint to chase down the runners after you’ve exhausted their cc. Weaken is a good pick if you feel you may lose lane very hard.

Miya abilities


Each time Miya’s basic attack hits a target she gains 5% attack speed. This lasts for 4 seconds and stacks up to 8 times
The important thing to note here is that this is still only a passive so you needn’t bother saving that item slot for attack speed anymore

Fission shot

Upon activating this skill Miya fires two auto attacks instead of one. Stack this up with your passives attack speed and you’re a walking shredder.

Rain of arrows

A light cc rain of arrows initially slows and then stuns champions in a circle pelted by icy arrows. Use this ability in a team fight when the enemy team is clumped up for maximum effect.

Turbo stealth

If your passive and first ability made you a moving death sentence, the ultimate coupled into that turns you into grim reaper himself. The ultimate grants you a 35% increase in attack speed for 6 seconds.

Miya laning phase

Let’s be honest, Miya’s laning phase is actually quite slow up until the level 4 power spike. Once you have your ultimate, the extra attack speed it provides allows you to seamlessly shred through unfocused opponents.
With an inspire or weaken, if you’re opponent isn’t ready for level four you can all in him securing a guaranteed kill and stabilize your laning phase. Once you have around two items if you’re snowballing the lane begin roaming and helping your team around the map.

Miya team fighting

As long as you stay in the back line you should be virtually unkillable and building life-steal scales quite well with your attack speed too! Use your Rain of arrows coupled with Fission shot/ inspire/ ultimate to take down entire teams. Miya is an easy target though and once your only cc is exhausted you will be focused down. Make sure you position yourself correctly to avoid being killed.

Hey! I hope you liked this guide! If there’s anything else in mobile legends you’d like to see an article on put it down in the comments! There’s also a Layla guide on the site as well! Game on!!

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