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How to win games as Layla in Mobile legends


Layla is an ad carry in mobile legends. The main thing to note about this champion is that her primary damage output does not come from abilities. Layla’s passive allows her to do increasing damage that scales with firing range.

This means that simply firing from a large range allows you to do tremendous amount of damage. In team-fights this could be a game-changer and coupled with inspire your auto attacks will shred through the enemy team like paper.

Layla’s power-spike comes after her first item, usually Demon hunter sword. In the laning phase this is your indicator to go all in. Usually the item power-spike would be a sure-shot kill. As Layla you would easily lose 1v1 skirmishes but dominate extended team-fights. Use this to your advantage and attack on the periphery of your auto-attack range. This method also prevents you from taking any form of CC easily.


Malefic Gun ( Passive )

Layla is a long-ranged marksman whose gun-power increases along with the distance. The farther her Malefic Gun’s shots reach, the higher the damage dealt to the enemy! The maximum increase for her gunshots, based on distance, is 130%.

Malefic Gun turns Layla into a very deadly marksman. With this passive skill, she doesn’t even need to get close to the enemy. The farther she is with respect to the enemy, the more deadly her attacks are! More distance is equal to more damage. Layla is truly a formidable long-ranged hero!

Malefic Bomb

Malefic Bomb is Layla’s go-to skill whenever she has to deal some damage to the enemy during the early stages of the game. While it is not outrageously powerful, it can deal sustained poke damage due to its extremely low cooldown. It is hard to aim with Malefic Bomb, but it only takes a few practice sessions to fully master it. Sooner or later, you’ll be able to hit the enemy without even looking.

Void projectile

Layla’s Malefic Gun has the ability to fire an energy ball that explodes at the feet of the enemy. The explosion has an area of effect physical damage of 170 [+65% Total Physical ATK] and a debuff that slows the enemy’s movement speed down by 60% for 2 seconds. The range of this skill increases for every skill point added to it.

Destruction rush

This is the strongest attack that Layla and her Malefic Gun can usher. Loaded with pure Malefic Energy, Layla fires an energy cannon that can deal 500 [+150% Total Physical ATK] in straight line in front of her. This skill can hit multiple enemies, and its attack range increases for every skill point added to it.

Be sure to capitalize on your passive with Malefic bombs for additional damage and Destruction rush if needed to secure the kill.

Hey there! I hope you enjoyed this article. If there’s any feedback you’d like to offer please mention them in the comments below. If you’re interested in reading about games in the MOBA genre, make sure to check out articles on League of legends and DOTA 2 as well! Keep gaming! 😀

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