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How to use Hextech gunblade to snowball League SoloQ

An itemization guide for the Hextech gunblade, an item in League of Legends


About Hextech Gunblade

The hextech gunblade is a prominent offensive item on the rift. The item quickly gained popularity since its initial release in 2012. The ability power, active damage and 40 % slow it provides makes it an ideal pick for taking out squishy targets. The item costs 3400 gold. With a gold efficiency of 120% one can easily declare that it’s worth its weight in gold.


Unlike spell vamp or life steal, the gunblade applies the drain effect also called ominous healing. Alongside this it applies a 40% slow and deals 30% of ability power as magic damage.

What is drain?

Drain is basically a combination of spell vamp along with life steal. Effects that cite heals for all damage done are drain effects. Drain effects also increase the overall heal power ( Read Heal power) making items like redemption much more useful.
In comparison to the former two healing effects drain percentages are clearly superior and should be capitalised on whenever possible.


When to buy the item?

The item is always a first pick on virtually any build it is a part of. It is primarily a burst item and should ideally be built first unless there are champ particular items that take priority. The build path is really damage friendly as well and champions like jax hit a minor power spike at bilgewater cutlass as well.
This step isn’t particularly necessary but if possible try to ensure you have some sort of escape from heavy CC ( Quicksilver, Protobelt etc). Giving away an item slot to Hextech tends to leave you vulnerable as the item usually occupies the 5th Defensive slot.
The drain effect should be capitalised on as best possible. A well rounded champ would be ideal for this item. Champs like Jax who have good ap as well as ad ratios synergies extremely well with a gunblade.Hextech

If you’d like, you can go nuts with a thornmail+ Sunfire along with a gunblade on a rammus to deal ‘Tons of damage’ A teemo build can accommodate a hextech gunblade with significant ease. Other unconventional champions to try this out on could be heimerdinger or Annie as well with their pets autos giving you drain hp.


How to use the item

The item can be added to your standard combo as an initialisation tool with the 40% slow providing a window to land skillshots that would accertain the outcome of the skirmish. It can also be used to hammer the final nail in the coffin to end certain combos with the 30% ap damage the item provides.

On champions like akali or Jax the item can be used to pursue opponents with escapes or to land more autos down on fleeing champions.


Hey, thank you for checking out this itemisation guide, I hope you found it useful. To check out a guide on redemption click here. If you like there’s also an article on the current LCS standings and a short excerpt on the life of doublelift. Thank you and see you on the rift!


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