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How to snowball top lane with a Cull


A cull, unlike other items in the price range, does not ease out the laning phase. The stats it offers is not really worth the price. The reason to buy this item is primarily to farm. Once the early game phase is done, the late game becomes much easier upon selling the cull.

Why buy a cull?

A cull is an item that you spend 450 gold on, the same as all other starting items. This item offers you 7 ad and 3 health on hit. While this may not be too much, the cull isn’t an item to snowball early game with. The stellar aspect of this item is its passive which reads :

Killing a minion grants Gold +1, up to a maximum of Gold +100.
After having killed 100 minions, grants an additional Gold +350 and permanently disables this passive.
This item literally refunds you the entire purchase cost along with an additional 180 gold selling value after the passive.

Champions that can use a cull

It must be kept in mind that this is not a strong first item. This is only used when champions have certain big items they need to rush to get their power spike. Champions like these include :

Urgot: A cull is useful for rushing Urgot’s black cleaver and since he’s a bully who survives well in the lane as is, it is quite useful to get a cull on an Urgot and rush your power spike. Once you have your first major item, the lane control you may have given up seems like a petty sacrifice for the power you now have on the entire game.

Akali: While not common, the idea of a cull Akali is not unheard of. This item can be used to quickly purchase her hextech following which she begins to dominate the lane.

There are many more such champions, basically, the concept is trading an average laning phase for a rushed first item. It may sound like a reckless strategy but quite often its the prime strategy that actually works.

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I hope you liked this article, for more itemization guides check out the ones on a hextech revolver and randuins omen.  Also, check out some cool champion guides on hecarim and urgot. If there’s any feedback you’d like to offer, leave it in the comments below. See you on the rift!

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