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How To Play Phoenix For Free MMR


Phoenix is a complex hero and not many people know how good this hero can be. It is a unique ranged strength hero, second to Huskar. Phoenix has been receiving buffs since forever. Yet again, it received a major buff in 7.16. You can spam it for some easy games and free mmr.

1 Introduction

When starting Dota you must have wondered what does this bird even do? Phoenix is a nuker with a plethora of powerful abilities that deal heavy damage over time. This hero is eager for xp rather than gold. You can dominate the early game with just two items Tranquil Boots and an Urn of Shadows. This hero is preferred in the offlane but can also be played as a support.

Currently, 2-1-2 is the meta, which is very advantageous for Phoenix. With a support like Clockwork or Night Stalker, it can really wreck the offlane. Phoenix can be played any role from position 3 to position 5. As a position 5, it is a very weak babysit support in the safelane. As It does not provide any stuns. You can just pray that the attack speed slow saves your carry.

Credits: Gyfcat

When Phoenix is a good pick
– Your team lacks magical damage
– You need a strong teamfight hero
– You want to cause havoc in enemy safelane
– Enemy has a fragile carry (Clinkz, Drow)
– Your team has stun and catch

When Phoenix is a bad pick
– Silencer or silences in enemy team
– Enemy has high attack speed heroes like (Beast Master,Troll Warlord)
– Enemy heroes with BKB like spells (Juggernaut, Lifestealer)
– Your team lacks stuns
– Meepo or Arc Warden in the enemy team


2 Early game

You want to start with a Skill point in Dive because its your mobility spell. It can also be used to steal bounty runes with correct timing. You will get minimal last hits as an Offlaner if you are alone but that’s alright. Just make sure to leech whatever xp you can. Once you touch level 3 take 2 levels in fire spirits. Start harassing enemies as they cannot trade right clicks with you. Do not throw away all spirits at once. Throw it at the enemy heroes every 4 seconds for longer harass. It is very easy to avoid it so you have to predict your enemy movements. If done well it will deal ton of damage.

Your health does not always have to be full as you have Icarus Dive to escape enemy ganks. You can also TP while using Sunray to escape. Stay in the trees when low during laning stage just sapping xp. As you add points in Fire Spirits, Phoenix grows harder to kill. It’s the strongest DoT(damage over time) in Dota 2. Players in lower ranks do not predict such high damage output from it until it kills them. Do not push the creep equilibrium in the enemy tower with fire spirits as it puts you in a vulnerable position.

When played with strong supports with good kill potential like Clockwork, Pudge, Earth Spirit. You can completely sabotage the enemy safelane. You can ‘completely’ ignore last hits and constantly kill their carry and supports. The amount of pressure you create in the offlane makes incredible space for your mid and carry.

3 Mid game

Your power spikes kick in. By this time your fire spirits are maxed and 2 levels in Supernova. Fire spirits were again Buffed in 7.16.

* Phoenix: Fire Spirits damage increased from 10/30/50/70 to 20/40/60/80

Fire Spirits deal heavy damage per second in early to mid game so try to hit the maximum number of enemies.

Take teamfights as soon as Supernova is ready. This prevents enemy any time to farm and allows you to snowball. If the enemy carry is in lane farming, pressure him. Just throw fire spirits from a distance and run away.

How to play Phoenix in teamfights?

Stay behind in the backlines. Do not get initiated on at any cost. If enemy initiates your ally, you can Sunray and throw few fire spirits at nearby enemies. This should help your ally in surviving the initiation. It is very essential to maintain your position in teamfights.

After Sunray, use Icarus Dive to slow enemies and apply the burn debuff. Dump Fire Spirits at the enemy heroes during the Dive. Make sure to hit nearby enemies who will attack your egg and ULT instantly. Be patient for enemies to use their spells. If you are a second early or late, the enemy can stun or hex you, making you useless. Always place your egg in a good position which makes it harder for the enemy to attack. It can be used offensively as well as defensively. Offensively, try to pair it when your team stuns enemy so they cannot run away. Defensively use it while your team is disengaging from teamfights. Your aim is to become the focus of the fight. This allows your teammates to free hit and land their spells.


4 Late Game

Always move with your team. Enemies can easily catch and burst you at this point. It is very hard to get solo kills now. Push out lanes but never stay in the same lane for too long. Play carefully and make every ult count.

Credits: MMOS.com

Level 20 Icarus Dive and 1400 range talent allow you to safely splitpush the enemy towers along with your creeps. Just Icarus Dive in and channel meteor hammer at the enemy tower. You will safely return to your original position and deal a ton of damage to the tower. Be cautious if the enemy has long range stuns or Hex.

Phoenix Item Suggestions

Very situational and depends completely on the game and enemy heroes. Some of the most cost-effective items on Phoenix are:

Euls or an early Lotus Orb is a must if enemies have silences.

Meteor Hammer for pushing. It has very interesting interactions with Phoenix’s spells. You can channel Sunray and meteor hammer together at the same time. You can also Icarus dive and channel meteor hammer when you fly back. This item is a must for rat phoenix.

Spirit Vessel provides much-needed movement speed and more healing for your team. If you are constantly fighting, it can be the differentiating factor that helps you win these fights.

Veil is good if your team has a lot of magical damage and nukes. Also provides good armor against physical damage dealers.

Kaya amplifies your spell damage further with Spell Amplification talent. Meteor Hammer on towers thrice and it will vanish.

Heaven’s Halberd if the enemy picks a Troll/Clinkz/Beastmaster/Ursa etc apply it on them before you ult. It will render them completely useless. Enemies love picking troll to counter Phoenix. Just disappoint them with your Heavens Halberd. This is how you can counter counterpicks.

Shiva’s is the most suggested item. Shivas, Icarus Dive and Fire spirits have amazing synergy to slow enemies attack speed and movement speed. It should be used in the same order as mentioned above. Amongst so much chaos, your team can easily win fights.

Other items:

Lotus Orb for high ground seige

Pipe against magic damage

Necromonicon to help push

Aghanim Scepter to save your ally

Heart Of Tarrasque to become tanky

Dagon for a quick burst

Blademail can be good too

You can play around with different items, the list goes on. However as mentioned earlier Phoenix just needs Tranquil Boots and Urn to be effective. Till the time you get all your spells off, you are a good bird.

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