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How to play Necrophos in current meta


Necrophos (previously known as Necrolyte) is a carry in his own special way. Indeed, he does not rely on his attack damage ( right click ), but on his spells. He takes advantage of the percentage health of the enemies rather than bet on the rapid elimination of the enemy heroes. The longer a fight lasts, the greater its impact, especially thanks to its Death Pulse, which not only deals decent damage to enemies and heals allies in a specified radius. The hero, therefore, prioritizes to stay in the heart of the action as long as possible. It is particularly interesting with other heroes who can tank a lot of damage (like a Bristleback or Timbersaw): Since both of these heroes are difficult to kill after 40 minutes of play.

Necrophos can be played in position 1 on a tri-lane or solo on the safe-lane; it is also sometimes seen in position 2, at mid. The hero is also playable in the offlane. That is why Necrophos can be played in any role you can think of and can snowball into a late game carry.

Credits: Dota 2 WIki

Usual skill build

For spells, the most common priority should be Death Pulse (nuke/heal) as it also allows to stay on the front without having to fall back thanks to the significant regeneration capability of hero by kills creep. Ghost Shroud ability is quite game dependent since it does more harm than good against intelligence heroes while it is quite beneficial against carries that deal physical damage in regenerating health and slowing. Heartstopper Aura usually comes in the end, but may have an early impact in harassing enemies in equal numbers (for example, in 1v1 or 3v3). The ultimate is to take as soon as possible.

Credits: Dota 2 Wiki

Item build

On the items side, Necrophos favors items that reinforce his ability to stay in combat as long as possible. He is one of those carry heroes who take full advantage of a fast Mekansm. After that you can build, a Pipe of Insight. Shiva’s Guard, in addition to making Necro a solid tank, forces the enemies to stay longer in his Death Pulse Aura). Heart of Tarasque or even an Aghanim Scepter can be purchased to delay the buyback of a key hero. Finally, a Scythe of Vyse is very strongly recommended for the end of the game.

Strong points

His survival ability in combat and the utility he brings to his teammates can be an exceptional advantage in mid game. Necrophos is useful to his team well before most carries: it allows to create a push difficult to stop.

Credits: kampinis via Reddit


On the other hand, if the game goes on too long, its impact compared to other heroes carry tends to decrease. Pushing the game to the late stage with a Necrophos increase the risk of losing the game. Necro is not the best position 1 heroes in the late game. He can be easily stopped by a farmed Anti-Mage.

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