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How to play a SCARY Franco in mobile legends


See, the thing about Franco is he isn’t a direct carry . Sure, snagging in some good hooks will give your team an advantage and initially set them ahead. At the end of the day, however, it still depends on the skill of your teammates.

That being said, just landing hooks is not the only way to dish out a death sentence. There are three major aspects to playing as Franco and fulfillment of any of these points can be detrimental to the enemy team. These points are

  • Instilling fear of motion
  • Hooking priority targets
  • Suppressing threats

We will explore these points in much more detail but first let’s take a look at Franco’s base skillset.

Wasteland force

The passive ability increases movement speed by 10% and regenerates 1% max health oer second if not hit in a short time.

  • Iron hook

Launches an iron hook toward a unit or location. The hook will stun the first unit hit and drag it back to you.

  • Fury shock

Lashes out and terrifies enemies dealing physical damage and slowing movement speed by 10% for 1.5 seconds

  • Brutal massacre

Suppresses an enemy with six hits disabling them and dealing physical damage on each hit.

Coming back to the points from earlier, your objectives are:

  1. Instilling fear into the enemy:

    Fear is one of the driving factors this champion thrives on. A good Franco drives in fear of motion among the enemy team. No one likes being pulled from the safety of the backline to the middle of an enemy team. Much worse, being pulled right into the turret at level one. This causes the enemy team to avoid being in risky locations, making bold moves and thereby allows your team an easy claim to objectives.

  2. Landing your hook:

    Of course landing your hook is a major portion of the ”fear” aspect. If you aren’t confident in the hook itself build it up. Hold back your hook until the tension breaks the enemy. You needn’t actually land the hook. That being said, constantly spamming the hook and missing causes the opponents to lose their initial stress and ultimately the fear you are trying to build up.

  3. Suppressing threats:

    Your hook isn’t the only portion of your skillset however. Perchance you miss your hook or pull the wrong target, the enemy team will use this opportunity to go all in. At this moment it is pivotal that you suppress immediate threats to your team by using your ultimate and hook to ensure they don’t reach the backline.

Follow these steps and you’re sure to be one scary Franco and your team can play with much more ease thanks to you.


Hey there! I hope you liked this article. There’s some really cool guides on Alice as well as Layla. Also if there’s any feedback you’d like to offer let me know in the comments below. Game on!

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