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How to get to Epic as Alice in mobile legends


Alice is a mage, a champion that bursts enemies unleashing her tremendous magic damage. A champion whose ultimate can destroy entire teams. A champion who dies to the buffs at level 1.

Spells on Alice

Probably one of the best combos for this champion is petrify. Escapes such as flicker are not as important as she already gets a ton of mobility with her first spell.


Blood Ancestry

This is Alice’s passive. When a nearby minion dies, a blood orb will generate. Absorbing blood orbs permanently increase max hp by 10 for Alice.

Flowing blood

Shoots a blob of blood in a specified direction. Afterward, Alice can recast this skill to instantly teleport to the location of the projectile.

Blood Awe:

Deals 270 magic damage to nearby enemies, immobilizing them for 1.2 seconds. The enemies are slowed for 2 seconds after that.

Blood ode:

For the next 4 seconds, the blood princess will be in stasis dealing 160 points of magic damage to nearby enemy champions and restoring 40 points of hp for herself at the same time.

Alice laning

Laning phase for Alice is relatively easy. If the opponent is a high threat priority just sit back and afk farm with your first ability till you get your ultimate. If the laning opponent is passive in the early game, use your first and second abilities by recasting your flowing blood into the blood awe and auto attack for making lane difficult for the enemy.

Alice team fight

As Alice, your aim is to wait out the cc in the back line, cast your flowing blood. After this retake your flowing blood and follow it up with a blood awe and a blood ode. Throw in your petrify for increase damage. The more your ultimate hits the more you heal. Make sure you get everyone.

Hey! I hope you liked this guide! If there’s anything else in mobile legends you’d like to see an article on put it down in the comments! There’s a Layla and Miya guide on the site as well! Game on!!

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