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How to earn free RP in lol!


Riot points is the driving force in league of legends. The predominant currency that influences gameplay experience within the game.


Riot points can be used to purchase emotes, skins, and also hextech chests. While these do not directly impact the game, they greatly improve gameplay experience. The primary way to achieve any currency is through a currency exchange policy as is the standard rule, however,when it comes to gaming it doesn’t necessarily hold true.

There are more ways than you can imagine to earn currency in the game. Ultimately the best way to earn RP is to earn online currency and trade that in for riot points. The way to earn online money is to perform online work. This includes menial tasks like watching ads, playing mini games, filling out surveys, performing recaptchas etc. A couple of interesting and comparatively easy ways of earning online money is listed below:

    • Swagbucks:

Depending on if you have any mobile devices, they have videos you can watch to earn credits. The site itself has multiple types of activities, but again, the videos are the easiest. Swagbucks, along with some other sites is the leading segment to the money making regime. With a large number of positive reviews and assurance for payment, Swagbucks is definitely a reliable contender and there are little doubts regarding it’s safety.

Link: https://www.swagbucks.com

    • Points prizes:

A website which offers a huge arsenal of ways to earn in game money. Some of these methods include playing mobile games, watching videos and giving reviews. Like Swagbucks, points prizes follows the same concept. The differentiating factor between the two is the currency conversion. While Swagbucks requires a points >money>RP conversion, points prizes directly gleans RP in the form of gift cards . Elimination of an intermediate step therefore, saves a bit of money.

Link: https://www.pointsprizes.com/prize/47/free-rp-for-league-of-legends

    • Bing rewards:

Arguably the most convenient method. This involves doing searches upto a certain capped total. The pay is Amazon gift cards which can be exchanged for rp cards.

    • YouTube giveaways :

Probably the safest and most reliable way to get riot points is to frequent popular streamers as they usually conduct their giveaways to attract subs. Participate in these giveaways, who knows . . . Lady luck might just smile on you.

    • Ask Riot:

I know it sounds absurd, but riot games, despite being the behemoth of a company it is, still pays a lot of attention to it’s fanbase. So, if you’ve got some really badass artwork stashed away in the closet now would be a good time to bring it out in the open. Riot may just grant you that extra RP.

    • Leagueofasia giveaways:

League of Asia is a very old active league of legends site. It has been known for frequent giveaways. Be sure to keep scouring the site so you don’t miss out on anything.

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