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How to Download PUBG Snow Map On Mobile And Other Platforms


PUBG snow map is the latest map which has been announced and released by developers. Soon all players will have access to four maps in the game namely Miramar, Erangel, Sanhok, and Vikendi. The new snow map that is named Vikendi is already available on test servers for PC and soon will be coming to PS4, Xbox, mobile too.

This is another 6×6 map and expect a change in layout of players too. There will be a new snow whether mode, Snowmobile, Snowball Fight for Vikendi’s Spawn Island and a display for Crew Challenge winners on Erangel’s Spawn Island. Another thing that will be introduced in this holiday season is bells which you can collect from all classic mode matches. You can exchange these bells in game for various rewards at the event center.

PUBG snow Map – Vikendi (How To Download PUBG Snow Map – Vikendi On PUBG mobile, PUBG Ps4 and other platforms)

PUBG snow map – Vikendi is releasing on all platforms soon but on different dates. For Mobile users Snow map – vikendi will be available from 0:00 UTC on December 20, 2018, while it will be available for matchmaking 24 hours later. The map will be download along with upcoming update 0.10.0

However the snow map was released on 10th December in beta app of the game.

However for PUBG PC on live servers Vikendi will be available for download from 0:00 UTC on December 20, 2018 but matchmaking will be available after 24 hours.

This map will be coming for PS4, Xbox One players a bit late as developers decided to make them wait and release snow map in January 2019.

Changes are coming to the gameplay and one of them major changes is in the spawn island for snow event only though. Now you can throw snow balls at others while waiting for plane at spawn island. Roads are going to be slippery because of snow or icy areas. Vehicles will drive slow for the same reason. With the snow map update, you will be able to track other players with footprints and vehicle tracks too.

PUBG Mobile 0.10.0 patch notes

New Map and In-game changes:

– Vikendi, a 6km x 6km snow map
– Will be available for download at 0:00 UTC on 20 DEC 2018, and available for matchmaking 24 hours later
– New weather mode added: Snow
– Vikendi-exclusive vehicle: Snowmobile
– Snowball Fight added to Vikendi’s Spawn Island
– Added layout for players with large hands
– Added a display for Crew Challenge winners on Erangel’s Spawn Island. Season 1’s winning teams will appear on the Spawn Island of their respective server and modes (Season 2 registration starts at 0:00 UTC on 18 DEC 2018)
– Players’ best results in Crew Challenge will now be shown on their Crew pages and can be shared with other players

Thematic Changes:

• Added a Snow theme to the main menu. Collect bells from all Classic mode matches and exchange them for rewards at the event center
• Shop’s front page has been tuned to emphasize themes of each major update

Are you excited for the map or have you played the map already in Beta or test servers. Do let us know what you liked in the new map through comments below or hit us over on twitter: @esportsrush7

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